What Episode Does Ace Dies?

when does Ace die
when does Ace die

What episode does ace dies? If you are fond of anime series, you must have known about One-Piece. This is the longest-running anime series with 1000 episodes. You might have encountered different questions, such as when does Ace die? This is the love of their fans to know about their most loved character. Although there are several TV series with different characters, people always pick their favorite character in One piece. No one has forgotten the son of the Pirate King, Port gas D. Ace and everyone is looking forward to finding out the answer to what episode of one piece does ace die? Read on!

What episode does ace die?

In this One Piece history series, Ace had a significant impact, and, as the son of the pirate king and big brother of the main character, Ace put a lot of effort into the story. He is the younger brother of Sabo and Luffy. Here we are going to discuss what episode does Ace dies in. Stick to this blog to know more about your favorite character.

Ace Dies In Front of Luffy

Who Is Portgas D., Aka Fire Fist Ace?

Fire Fist Ace was the older brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. Ace was the biological son of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Portgas D. Gap. He was the second division commander of the whitebeard Pirates and one-time captain of spade Pirates. If we talk about his character, then this influenced the show much. Universal studio of Japan has built the best replica of Ace.

Facts About Portgas D. Ace

Here we have gathered some of the facts for Portgas D. Ace:

  • Ace was the adopted son of Gold D. Roger, the captain of the Pirate Ship” One piece.”
  • His real name is Portgas D. Ace, but he took on his foster father’s surname after his death.
  • He possessed two devil fruit powers the power to create and control fire and the power to transform into a dragon-like entity.
  • Ace used these abilities to deal with either. He was able to eradicate an entire army regiment with little effort by wielding his signature pistol “Hawksbill” and Fire Fist techniques.
  • When Luffy defeated the crocodile, Nico robin came across a document mentioning that Portgas D Ace is Luffy’s older brother, who they thought died at birth.
  • Ace was also known as “The Whitebeard Pirates” second division commander.

Do You Know About Abilities And Powers Of Ace?

Portgas D. Ace has impressive abilities and powers, making him one of the most powerful pirates in the world. He has immense strength and reflexes, which allow him to make it easier for opponents. He can use the Devil’s fruit ability to create massive fireballs and fly through the air at high speeds. His experience as a Marine gives him great tactics skills and knowledge of naval warfare. Ace will power that allows him to resist stronger attacks easily.

What Happened to Ace and Luffy? 

Several marines beat up Luffy and Ace with combined attacks along the way. It happens when Whitebeard orders the crew to leave the marine ford. He was also one of the commanders of whitebeard pirates. He died during the Marine Ford arc. We will find out more about what episode does ace die in one piece?

How did Ace die in One piece?

what episode does ace die

Well, you must be thinking about who caused Ace’s death, especially when Ace favored punishing the Marchal D. Teach, aka Blackbeard. He killed one of his comrades, an unforgivable sin on the pirate ship. Battle go ended with Ace’s defeat; Blackbeard handed over the marines and got the title of Warlord. As per the government’s announcement, Ace would be executed publically in Marine Ford. Although several pirates were dead in pursuit of saving Ace, there were also betrayals. Ace was freed from his handcuffs but died trying to protect Luffy from Akainu’s fist, which left a hole in his chest. Akainu is why Ace died and was considered one of the most hated characters of this series. Akainu not only killed Ace, but he also killed the Whitebeard. Akainu convinced the squard to betray Whitebeard to be the winner of the battle in Marine Ford.

What Episode Does Ace Die?

Are you looking to get the answer to what episode Does Ace die? The Main answer to the question is episode 483 of the One Piece animated Series. The Marine Ford battle continued for at least 33 episodes and ran from episodes 457 to 489.

Why Ace’s Death Has Importance In One Piece Animated Series?

one piece what episode does ace die

We all know how much Ace appreciates everyone in the series, and everyone gets disheartened whenever the beloved character dies. It was a shock for everyone when Oda killed Ace. This series is known for many things but also shocking for killing its characters. Whitebeard saw many of his sons die on the battlefield. The sad part was when Ace died, and its death would be much needed for other characters. You would see a glimpse of Ace in every arc. Ace’ fans will keep the character alive in One piece.

Explanation of Ace’s Death

 Ace’s death was natural, as per the arc character. He ultimately died in the arms of his younger brother, who protected him. However, Luffy trains and become stronger in protecting his allies which can be seen in Part 2 of the series. We can see this thing happening in different anime series to kill off the main character, but it can be seen that Luffy was fired up by his ambitions.

Final Thoughts

Ace’s death was considered a great shock for the fans, and it can be seen Luffy mourned deeply for his brother and took revenge on Barbosa. When Ace dies rest of the people suffer a lot and vow to help Luffy bring down Barbosa. They all managed to do it together and defeated Barbosa.

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