What Time is Thursday Night Football Tonight?

What Time is Thursday Night Football

Thursday night’s NFL game will be streamed live. With a cable provider, streamers may watch “Thursday Night Football” for free using either the NFL Application or the Yahoo! Sporting App. To view it, you must input your wire subscriber credentials.

Who is playing tonight on Thursday Night Football?  And what time is Thursday night football come on tonight? These are a few common questions you might be searching answers for.

Eagles vs. Buccaneers Time, Network, and Schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles host the Super Bowl winners, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in an intriguing Thursday Night Football matchup in NFL Week 6. The Eagles have a clicking offence and a solid defence with a lockdown secondary. The Buccaneers have just a proven offence that has struggled at times, as well as a defence that has been ravaged by injuries.

What time does Thursday night football come on?

Thursday, December 9th, 8:20 p.m. ET

The Steelers take on the Vikings at 8:20 p.m. ET. All through the 2021 NFL season, all “Thursday Night Football” games will start at the very same hour. Both Nfl.com and Fox will broadcast pregame coverage of the game beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET. On kickoff day, starting at 3 p.m. ET, NFL Network can broadcast “TNF First Look.”

Winston tosses 5 TD passes, Buccaneers beat Eagles 45-17 - 6abc Philadelphia

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings

In Week 14, the Steelers (6-5-1) visit Minnesota to play the Vikings (5-7) on “Thursday Night Football.” This match will determine not whether each club can advance in the dual Wild Card race.

Pittsburgh is fresh off a surprising victory against the Ravens in a heated conference game. The Ravens’ 20-19 victory went down to a multiple conversion try by John Harbaugh, yet Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews can not really hit on the ball, thus the contest was tight.

The other two significant games in Week 14 are divisional rivalries. The Rams-Cardinals “Monday Night Football” matchup figures to be the better of the two, and it may be the contest of the week. With a success over the Rams, the Cardinals can take multiple leads in the NFC West, so both teams will be fired up to secure — or remain in — the national championship.

“The first TNF schedule is jam-packed with must-see matchups that NFL fans won’t want to miss.” We’re excited to get started on Prime Video in September.”

This season, TNF will have legendary match announcer Al Michaels and Emmy-winning football commentator Kirk Herbstreit in the booth to call all of the action. Tony Gonzalez, a Professional Football Hall of Famer, has recently joined the TNF team as an NFL commentator for the pregame, halftime, and postgame shows, according to Prime Video. Thursday Night Football will be executive produced by Fred Gaudelli, a 24-time Emmy recipient.

On September 9, the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced the Dallas Eagles in the inaugural Thursday Night Football game of the 2021 NFL season, which was broadcast on NBC.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Twitter: "Is this even a question?  https://t.co/8hHpecHPz6" / Twitter

Where to Watch Thursday Night Football?

The NFL Network station is a fixture of many cable TV lives live TV streaming bundles, and to see every one of the Thursday Night Nfl games during the 2021 season, you’ll have to have the Former Nfl channel.

You may watch just 11 of the 19 Thursday Night Football league games on FOX or Amazon Prime Video if you’re happy with that.

The chart below shows which of our suggested TV providers has the networks that will keep you entertained on Thursday nights.

What is Thursday Night Football?

Thursday Night Football (commonly shortened as TNF) is the name given to NFL games that are aired on Thursday nights. The majority of the contests start at 8:15 a.m. ET, although there are a few Saturday games in the latlatterrt of the season, but also a solitary Sunday night game from London in the NFL Elite League

The televised games first aired on November 23, 2006, as an aspect of NFL Network’s Cycle to the Conference finals package, which included eight total games live coverage on Thursday and Saturday nights during the second half of the season.

Though DIRECTV’s CHOICE plan isn’t the lowest satellite or cable TV option, it doesn’t break the bank—at least for the first year—and it includes fantastic sports content. Plus, in the first year, you receive an  NFL SUNDAY TICKET for free—call that a “fair catch.”

NFL-Yahoo Announce Live Streaming Partnership | NFL Football Operations

For sports enthusiasts whose homes appreciate a wide variety of television, this package is the way to go. With 185+ channels and a free DVR, you can view and preserve a wide range of sports and entertainment programming.

Radio broadcasts

A contract with Westwood One for global radio transmissions of Thursday Night Football games is presently unclear (Westwood One quietly renewed the rights post parent company Cumulus Media departed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and later reversed its rights for the unplanned period in 2022). Ian Eagle was the match announcer in 2017, with Tony Boselli providing colour analysis and Hub Arkush serving as the sports reporter. Until 2018, if Boselli was unreachable due to work commitments, Boomer Esiason, the Westwood One Monday Night Football researcher, was a routine substitute (in some cases, Esiason would call the Thursday night game if he was unusable for the previous/next Monday nationally televised game and/or if the Thursday play was in near vicinity to the preceding Monday night game).

Last Words

During the 2016 season, recent and historical players such as Richard Sherman, J. J. Watt, and Charles Woodson, among others, declared their disdain for Thursday Night Football, including Richard Sherman referring to it as a “poopfest.” [99]

The sport between both the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns on September 20, 2018, made history for the greatest NFL Television broadcast in Thursday Night Football history, with a 5.2 household ranking including over 8M audiences, and featured the debut of Cleveland’s first overall pick Baker Mayfield as well as the group having broken an approximately two losing streak.

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