What version of chrome do I have?

What version of chrome do I have?
What version of chrome do I have?

What version of chrome do i have? No one can compete with the supremacy of the Google Chrome browser because it is a dominant browser across all platforms. Chrome can be used on home and work computers and across different mobile devices. If you don’t want to keep your web browsing protected, then updating the chrome version is essential. This blog is all about what version of google chrome do i have?

Watch How to Update Google Chrome Version

What version of google chrome do i have?

what version of google chrome do i have?

Google sends minor updates to every Chrome every 2-3 weeks, but major updates happen every 4-6 weeks. Minor updates offer security updates or different bug fixes, whereas major releases often incorporate new features. You don’t need to install these updates manually. Google does it automatically, but there are some scenarios when Google Chrome malfunctions and the browser fails to auto-update. What version of Chrome do I have? Will it help to let you know whether your browser needs an update or not?

You definitely need to check this out; the most important thing is to know about your chrome version. Keep your browser up to date and get to know what version of Google Chrome Do I Have? Here we also mention the latest chrome version of windows 10, macOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS. Let’s get into the blog:

Check the “Chrome://Version” Shortcut

Check the "Chrome://Version" Shortcut

All you need to do is to open Google chrome on your windows, macOS, or Linux computer.

Enter chrome://version in the address bar. Check the browser’s Google chrome row at the top of the page. It loads the About Version page, where you can easily see the version number of Google Chrome, which is next to Google Chrome.

Check Chrome Version with the Settings Menu on Different Platforms

What Version of Google Chrome
  1. Find out the chrome version on macOS

People using Chrome on a Mac can easily check out the browser version from its settings menu.

  • Open Chrome, tap the more icon in the top-right corner.
  • Select settings—Press Command+ comma (,) on the Keyboard for quicker access.
  • Select About Chrome on the side menu and check the browser’s version under the Google Chrome header.

Here you will see a “Chrome is up to date” message on the screen if you have the latest version. Otherwise, if it is not updated, you need to relaunch Chrome to install pending updates.

  • Find Out Chrome Version on Windows

Go to the chrome web browser on your computer and follow these steps:

  • Tap the More icon in the browser’s top right corner.
Chrome Version on Windows
  • Select Help and select About Chrome.

Paste the chrome://settings/help in the Chrome address bar and press enter on Keyboard.

  • You will get the browser’s version number in the “About Chrome” section
About Chrome section
  • Find Out Chrome Version on iOS Devices

Follow these steps to check the Google Chrome version installed on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open Chrome, Click the more icon in the bottom-right corner.
  • Click settings.
Find Out Chrome Version on iOS Devices
  • Select Google Chrome at the bottom of the settings menu. Check the browser version’s bottom of the About Google Chrome page.
Select Google Chrome at the settings menu.
  • Find out Chrome Version on Android

Just follow these steps to verify the current Google Chrome version installed on Android.

  • Click Chrome, tap the More icon in the top-right corner.
  • Select settings.
Find out Chrome Version on Android
  • Tap About Chrome.
Tap About Chrome.
  • Check the Application version to see the version of your Chrome web browser.

Check Chrome Version on Chromebook

Chromebooks are based on Chrome operating system. People who use a Chromebook, They can verify the device’s chrome version from the settings menu.

  • Open the Chromebook’s settings app and expand the advanced drop-down section on the sidebar.
  • Select ChromeOS to check the version of Chrome’s OS.
Chrome web browser

Check the Chrome Version in Windows 10 using Command Prompt

Use Command Prompt or PowerShell in Windows to extract the version information from the registry. Open either program and enter the following link:

Reg query “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Google Chrome.”

Chrome Development /Release Channels

We will let you know about Google releases and all versions of the Chrome browser, which depends on the stage of development. The Standard edition of Chrome uses number of code for version identifier. If you see Beta, Dev, or Canary, you are running a pre- release version of Chrome.

Chrome has four release channels:

  • Canary
  • Beta
  • Dev
  • Stable

Chrome Canary

This is the Wild West of Chrome. It’s three full versions of the Stable release, almost updated daily. Like a canary in the coal mine. If something goes wrong, it will go wrong first in this build. Canary is mostly a tool for all developers testing out compatibility issues. The Beta and Dev versions installing the Canary build will not overwrite a standard Chrome installation in Windows or Mac OS. Then you can run side by side if you want.

Chrome Beta

The beta channel is an earlier version of the software for testing features before they reach  to huge audience in the stable build. Google updates Beta approximately once a week and you will come across with major updates every six weeks. It’s generally one version released ahead of the stable. Chrome features include tweaks to the rendering engine for speed or accuracy and adjustments to the user interface.

Chrome Dev

Chrome Dev is one or two versions of stable, usually updated at least once a week. It’s used to test out more changes to the browser that may not make it into the general release.

Chrome Canary

Canary is a tool for developers testing out compatibility issues. It’s three full versions ahead of a stable release, updated daily, and that Canary title. If something is going to go wrong. It will wrong first in this build.

Get to know about the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Chrome

32-bit and 64-bit Chrome

32-bit or 64-bit next to the Chrome version number. Well, the 64-bit version requires more RAM than the 32-bit versions and performs best on 64-bit computers. On downloading Chrome from google Chrome’s Website on a Linux or macOS computer, you will get the 64-bit version automatically as detected by your PC’s processor architecture and providing the best version to your device. You will get 64-bit downloaded to 64-bit PC and 32-it downloaded for 32-bit devices.


How do I downgrade my chrome version?

Google doesn’t offer the easiest way for regular users to return to earlier Chrome versions. However, users of Google workspace and Chrome Browser enterprise support can go back to another release on windows.

What is the latest version of Chrome?

Try to update Chrome, and you will have the latest version. Chrome updates can happen frequently, and Google won’t emphasize updating the current version as Apple used to do with several OS.

Final Thoughts

These are the easiest tips and tricks to know about the current version of Chrome. You can easily check on almost all the operating systems. No need to upgrade it frequently. Google will do it automatically.

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