Infrared frequency setting for HDMI switch

Infrared frequency setting for HDMI switch
Infrared frequency setting for HDMI switch

Have you ever searched for the perfect infrared frequency setting for using an HDMI switch? What do you use HDMI switch or infrared frequency setting? HDMI extender let the IR signal pass through the estimate without setting any default infrared frequency setting for your HDMI cable. Unlike infrared frequency settings that vary for devices, the HDMI extender performs the same jobs for all devices using the HDMI settings.

Infrared frequency for HDMI switch

Infrared frequency for HDMI switch

People often struggle to find the perfect infrared frequency setting for HDMI switch therefore we have penned down this article to help you learn more about infrared frequency settings for HDMI switches.

What is the infrared frequency?

The wavelength of light emitted from the IR remote is known as infrared frequency. This emitted light is invisible to the human eye but one can see it clearly from the camera. The most common type of frequency used for HDMI switches is 38kHz, 56kHz, and 78kHz.

What is HDMI?

The HDMI switch is a device that helps to connect more devices to your smart tv with limited HDMI output. HDMI switch helps you to connect more devices without removing 1 HDMI for another.

How does the HDMI switch work?

HDMI switch can be used to switch between HDMI on your tv to connect the devices to your tv. So when you want to connect a particular HDMI device to your smart tv you don’t have to remove the other device you only need to connect the HDMI switch to your tv and connect other HDMI devices in the switch port to switch between 1 and 2 HDMI devices.

Setup HDMI switch;

For all brand settings for HDMI, the switch is quite similar.

Note: You need to understand the difference between an HDMI switcher and an HDMI splitter to ensure that you are using the right device.   HDMI splitter distributes HDMI across multiple devices whereas the HDMI switch takes information from the HDMI device and sends a signal to the receiver like your smart TV.

Follow the simple steps listed below to set up an HDMI device on your tv;

  • Turn off both TV and HDMI switch device 
  • Locate the HDMI port on your TV and connect the HDMI switch to the tv using the cable. The port is usually at the back or side of the TV 
  • Use a power source to plug the HDMI switch cable into it 
  • Connect your HDMI devices to your HDMI switch that you want to connect to your tv 
  • Once done with all the above steps now turn on your TV
  • By using your remote navigation select sources  And then click on the input 
  • Choose the HDMI switch to select HDMI as your input to play anything.

How to set the infrared frequency setting for the HDMI switch splitter?

The infrared frequency setting ends the need to disconnect and connect different inputs to the same device for the HDMI switch splitter

  • HDMI switch splitter by Cat5e/6 offers convenience through its 4×4 cable by routing high definition MP3 or MP4 from any 4 output HDMI video and audio sources to HDMI switch splitter 4 displays over your HDMI cable. You can also remove the 4 displays.
  • The fully functional model of matrix 4x HDMI switch splitter has 4 receivers that have full high-resolution HDTV signals.  These signals support up to HD/1080p on HDMI cable 15m within 40M over 2 pieces of cat5e/6 cable.
  • The 4×4matric HDMI switch splitter can be used with the below-listed devices
  • TiVo systems
  • HT PCs
  • Satellite set-top boxes with an HDMI input
  • HD-DVD players

Note: You need an HDMI switch to connect your infrared device to the HDMI cable via the infrared frequency setting for the HDMI switch. This way you can transfer or transmit the infrared signal over to the HDMI through the cable under the predefined range.

Accessories needed to use HDMI switch splitter;

To set up your HDMI splitter setup you need to ensure you are having the following items in your switch splitter package. Get your HDMI Switch and Switch splitter

  • Remote control
  • HDMI 4×4 Switch splitter
  • IR extension cable
  • user manual
  • 5.5V @4A DC power supply
  • Packaging of accessories
  • Four receivers
  • Remote control for receivers four in number
  • Four pieces of external infrared emitter
  • 5v DC @2Apower supply four pieces

Once you have these items in your unit package then you can proceed to set up and configure your infinite frequency setting for the HDMI switch splitter.

How to set infrared frequency settings for your HDMI switch splitter?

Below we are discussing the settings that you need to use for the HDMI splitter over the infrared frequency setting;

  • Use your HDMI switch splitter to connect all your HDMI output devices to it 
  • When you select the HDMI as your output you can then use or select HDMI/UTP as the output signal for all your output.
  • If you are choosing UTP as your signal output then connect the display and main unit directly over the HDMI cable.
  • Connect your smart tv or any other device and main unit cable ( cat5e/6).
  • Connect the output to the receiver and then connect the  5.5@4A power supply already provided in your package to the HDMI switch splitter
  • connect the 4 receivers and power supply cable(5V@2A)
  • After following all the above steps and switching on your HDMI switch splitter all your HDMI receivers will connect to the receiver as per their number on the device.
  • The ports not connected will remain redundant and no HDMI device will be detected for that specific port when selected on the receiver.

Note:  UTP and HDMI cannot be connected at the same time.

IR remote signal for infrared frequency setting for HDMI switch;

Many people often find HDMI switch splitter quite complex and if you are one of them then you need to not worry. You can simply use the IR remote signal over the HDMI cable injector. The IR remote signal allows the infrared signals to pass to the HDMI cable.

If you want to control the coverage and HDMI source device that falls outside the range then you can use the IR remote extender which will also help you to cut the cost. An important point to keep in mind is that IR control is only effective when the distance rages within or till 300ft/100ms to the HDMI source device.

IR extender work with “dual-band IR devices” with the help of an Infrared remote extender. IR extender supports the signals from 30 kHz to 60kHz.

The strength of the infrared remote device over HDMI strengthens as it uses an unused  CEC channel on the HDMI cable to transfer IR signals through the HDMI cable run.

Setup the infrared remote signal;

The steps below will help you to set up the infrared remote signal with your HDMI cable just like you can set the infrared frequency setting for the HDMI switch.

  • Connect your HDMI infrared remove adaptors to the end of the HDMI cable.
  • Link HDMI end to the HD source and HD TV display
  • Connect the end of the HDMI cable to HDMI IR adapters.
  • Link the HDMI ends between the HD TV display and the HD source.
  • With an HDMI switch, IR control signals, and an HDMI switch splitter over the HDMI, infrared can be used with an HDMI cable with simple or no Infrared frequency setting for HDMI cable.

Features of IR remote signal over your HDMI cable injector:

Have a look at the remote signal features over HDMI cable in justice before considering the infrared frequency setting HDMI cable injector.

  • The IR remote signal is an extender that allows the IR remote signals to pass to the HDMI extender
  • The existing HDMI cable is used by IR remote signal to teleport the  IR remote control signal so IR remote control is used to control the HDMI receiver to different rooms through the channel in which existing cables already travel.

Benefits of using different frequencies on HDMI switch;

Below are several benefits of using different frequencies on your HDMI switch;

  • If you live in a noisy place that interferes with your device. Using a higher frequency can eliminate the noise and provide you with better signal quality.
  • You can use different frequencies on your HDMI switch to find the best one that fulfills your need
  • It gives you the ability to move away from the devices. When you’re using higher frequencies and the signal is being interrupted you may need to move the switch away from the object that is causing interference


  • Can I use different frequencies on my HDMI switch?

yes, you can use various frequencies. The remote control frequency button should be pressed repeatedly until your desired frequency is chosen.

  • What should I do if my gadgets stop working out even after adjusting the frequency?

If your gadgets are not working after you set the frequency than try a new frequency you can also contact the switch or device maker if you are experiencing any further issues.

  • Is it true that the HDMI switch will lower the quality?

HDMI is a digital transformation so the inclusion of a switcher won’t deteriorate the quality

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