How To Remove A Page In Google Docs?

Google Docs are usually used by professionals, business owners, and students. It allows you to create and edit the doc as well as you can also delete the doc too. We all use word daily for different purposes and having an extra page in Google Docs is not a big deal because we have been provided 15 GB of free storage. If you people don’t want to make your document list so long, then we are bringing you how to remove a page in Google Docs. Let’s get into the blog to know more about this.

How To Delete A Google Docs Page with Delete Key?

How to remove a page in google docs, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google Docs document.
  • Navigate the page to delete.
  • Press and hold cursor near the top of the page.
  • Drag the page to the final line of text to ensure everything is selected.
  • Press Delete or Backspace.
  • All the highlighted text will be deleted now.

How to Remove a Blank Page in Google Docs?

How to delete a blank page in google docs? Finding blank pages is annoying, and here you can delete blank pages on Google Do

Deletion Of Page at the End of the Document

  • Place your cursor at the end of the last page. Press enter.
  • Click the cursor on the last page until the blinking line appears on the screen.
  • Press the Backspace or Delete button on Keyboard.

Deletion of Blank docs in the Middle of the Document

  • Place the cursor at the starting point of the blank page and drag it down until it covers the whole blank page.
  • Once you have selected the entire black page, press the backspace or Delete button Keyboard.

How To Delete The Document At The End Of The Document?

We always encounter an issue with Google Docs where you have an unnecessary blank page at the end of the document. Removing blank pages at the end of the document is easier; similarly, you can also search for how to delete extra pages in google docs.

Deleting a Page break

Page breaks make the formatting more convenient, and they can become annoying on having a new blank page where you can’t type the text. We can make it easier for you while deleting a page break.

  • Place the cursor of the mouse after the blank space.
  • Tap the Backspace key or Delete key on Keyboard. It will help to remove the unwanted page; remove the finger when the extra page is deleted.

You must be careful while removing page breaks because you may delete the essential sections. Keep an eye on the file on which you are pressing backspace.

Adjusting Page Margins

This is the practical option when you have one or two lines of text on the last page of doc. All you need to do is:

  • Click on the File tab from the top menu bar. Select the page setup option from the displayed options.
  • A page setup pop will appear on the screen.
  • Adjust the margins, page orientation, page size, and page color.

How to Delete a page in on Android Devices?

Well, you can also delete the page in the word processor when you are using an android device:

  • Open the Google Docs app on Android.
  • Search for the file to delete.
  • Highlight the text and image which is to be deleted
  • Click on the Backspace or Delete key on the phone keyboard.

How To Delete The Page In Google Docs On Ios Devices?

  • Search for the document you want to delete.
  • Tap the start of the paragraph you want to remove.
  • Drag the finger down the screen at the end of the paragraph you want to delete.
  • Tap the backspace or delete the phone’s screen and continue for the portion you want to delete.

What To Do When Blank Pages In Google Docs Not Deleted?

Deleting Google Docs with the above methods can help in many ways, but if you want to eliminate blank pages, these ways can sort it out.

Check the Page Breaks

Unwanted page breaks cause blank pages. To stop viewing your Google document in the print layout view.

  • Click on View and click on show Print Layout to uncheck it.
  • Now you can see each page break in the document as a gray line.
  • Press Backspace to delete the page breaks.
  • Click one of the page breaks and press Delete.
  • The page break is deleted now.

Check for Section Breaks

To show the section breaks in Google Documents. You need to do the following:

  • Click View and then ensure Show Section Breaks. If it’s not clicked, then click on it to do so.
  • Now you would see section breaks in the document as shown in dotted lines.
  • For any unwanted section breaks, click at the end of the paragraph above and press Delete.

Check for Tables

This is another main reason for unwanted blank pages where we use hidden tables. Use these tables with borders of zero width. To fix these issues, then follow these steps:

  • Right-click anywhere on the page. Click on Table Properties.
  • Under color, ensure the table border color is black, and the line width is set to 1 pt.
  • Table borders will now be visible, including sections that have gone over the page.

Final thoughts

These are the ways where we have tried our best to make all the ways simple and easier to delete unwanted pages in Google Docs. Do let us know how did you find this article? Were these steps easier and helped you?

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