How To Make A Collage On Insta Story 2023?

Instagram is capturing the attention of everyone these days, and people are updating daily routine highlights with their followers. If you were an influencer, you would have shared the main part of the day in stories. People who regularly upload their pictures would know the importance of the image. If you want to save your viewers’ time, use the photo collages option, where multiple pictures can be put up in the story. This blog is all about how to make a collage on insta story. Let’s get into this straight away to learn the tips and tricks.

How To Make Photo Collages on Instagram Stories Using Stickers?

Stickers’ features on Instagram are the best method for creating a collage to get over the complete appearance. Stickers are a combination of images or pre-included graphics. The main benefit of this method is that you won’t get any restrictions on the number of images/stickers in the collage. Instagram doesn’t limit how many stickers are added to the collage. Android and iOS users can use this method.

How to make a collage on the Instagram story? Well, it’s pretty simple to make a collage; follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram on the smartphone.
  2. Go to your home screen, select Your story> Add to your story.
  1. Take a picture or select from the camera to use as a background. You can choose a solid color background and use the brush to paint the image.
  1. To open the sticker options, slide up from the bottom of the screen or select the Stickers icon at the top of the screen.
  1. Select the Camera icon to add a real-life photo to the collage.
  2. If you want to add a saved picture from the gallery, click the Gallery icon. You can rotate, resize, overlap, and move your images in any direction. Layer the photos as much as you can. To remove images, hold and drag them down to the trash bin.
  1. Customize the photo collage and add music, stickers, gifs, and text.
  2. If you are satisfied with the edits the ready to post your story through the lower-left corner of the screen.
  1. Select Close friends from screen and manually choose the people who can see your insta story. Select the arrow icon next to close friends to share the story on Facebook or someone in a message.

How To Make Collage In Instagram Collage Using Layout Mode?

Instagram has a layout feature to create a photo collage and share an Instagram story easily. Creating a layout photo collage is easier than using multiple stickers. You would find limits in the layout options, but to do this, you must follow some instructions. You must crop the pictures to fit into a specific collage layout. You won’t overlap them or add an unlimited number of pictures in the layout mode. You can use standard configurations to allow for adding two, three, four or six images and placing them on the screen in a certain way.

How to make a collage in Instagram using Layout mode? To create a photo collage in an Instagram via the layout feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram on the smartphone.
  2. Select the plus icon on top of the screen > story to create a new Instagram story.
  1. Select Layout from the menu on the left side.
  1. One of the layout options is to start making a photo collage.
  2. Add pictures from the gallery or snap new photos. Add them to collage.
  3. Add saved pictures and select the thumbnail icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
  1. Select the white circle with the layout icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You can add stickers, text music, and gifs to the photo collage. When you are happy with the Instagram story so, publish it.
  1. Select your story or share icon to choose the alternative sharing options to upload.

How To Make Story Collage On Instagram Via Third-Party Apps?

We all know using Android or iPhone makes it easier to specify the source of the image. You can add pictures and screenshots from image gallery and use third party apps to create collages. Here we are sharing some apps to find out how to do a collage on the Instagram story. 

Design Kit

You might have heard about this app which can help you bring life into Instagram stories. The effects will make stories colorful and add your personal touch to make the collages instantly. Here are dozens of stickers available with backgrounds, brushes, textures, colors and other tools to make photos stand out.

Adobe Spark Post

This app is among the best other options for absolute beginners. App has several thousands of templates to use for Instagram stories. It offers millions of stock photos, fonts, and other valuable resources.

Mojo App

This app will provide the tools to create a unique Instagram story to impress your followers. The app allows using animated templates for both videos and photos. Use animated templates to make more significant impact as influencer to impress other followers. Customize the liking by adding effects, animations, colors, and cropping. Use creativity to develop fantastic Instagram stories which will engage existing followers and draw new ones.


Advanced users are using canva to use professional-level photo editing features. It’s an in-one graphic design platform for creating any design. Use canva to create the best collage. In Photo collage, you will find thousands of templates to use and edit to add your pictures and elements. Using app tools, you can use a blank canvas to make collage from scratch. Canva has a free plan for all users and is available for Android, iOS, and desktop users.

Final Thoughts

These are the simple ways to create a collage on insta stories. We have also shared the third-party apps to make your Instagram stories pop. Try using Instagram tools for creating collages as well, and use only those methods which are convenient too. Editing significantly impacts images, and you can easily impress your followers.

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