How to develop a WordPress mobile app?

WordPress mobile app
WordPress mobile app

How to develop a WordPress mobile app? People use their smartphones and tabs more frequently to browse their favorite websites. It is rare to meet people who use their computers for personal reasons. A website needs a corresponding web design. Word press apps are a great alternative to your website. They can be very beneficial for businesses. Apps are more popular than websites and can help you grow your audience faster. Push notifications give apps a higher engagement rate than web pages.

How to develop a WordPress mobile app?

UK app developers allow you to use WordPress content while developing your app. This means that your app can be updated as soon as your website has been updated. You can also make small changes to your website. For example, you could publish new posts. Your app will also be affected by the changes.

Converting your WordPress website into an app will help you save a lot of time and effort. This is an efficient way to improve your business. Let’s look at how it can be done step-by-step without wasting too much money or time.

Use an App Builder:

An app builder is an excellent option if you don’t have much programming experience and aren’t proficient in coding. An app builder is the best tool to help you build WordPress web apps. Telerik AppBuilder and Reactor are two examples of great builders.

Many of these builders offer full WordPress support. These builders are great for integrating comments and posts. Reactor allows you to build apps from scratch using an intuitive interface. The UK app developers adapts your app to your website’s content easily. You will need to follow these steps to use it:

  • Install the Reactor core WordPress plugin
  • To activate the plugins, log in to your admin panel.
  • login to the App-Building Dashboard
  • Create a similar interface for your WordPress website
  • You will experience the same feeling as working on a website with many pages when you work on the Reactor panel. It is possible to put all the items in the menu and then put them together under the apps.

Create your app using plugins and themes:

There are many WordPress themes and plugins. Each one contributes to a customized design. The WordPress plugin apps may not work the same way as the websites. It is important to use plugins similar to the websites for your mobile app to work. There are many options available on the market today.

Many plugins and themes offer a wide range of features that can be used to create WordPress mobile apps. Plugins may be unable to build in forms or other functions in your app without heavy custom code. This is a common issue for leading brands such as BuddyPress and bbPress, among others.

You can instead use the AppPresser plugin. This plugin will allow you to load your entire website into the app. It will allow you to use any WordPress plugin within the app without any duality. AppPresser makes it easy to work with WordPress. It creates an app that requires no advanced WordPress app development skills.

This plugin can be considered a powerful app builder for WordPress. It will allow you to integrate fully. You can use all pages, posts, and plugins on your site. It’s also flexible, allowing everyone to automatically update a mobile application every time the website is updated.

AppPresser plugin allows you to create a mobile app with minimal content or one that displays an eCommerce store. It will also allow you to add more functions, such as BuddyPress integration, push notifications, and geolocation.

The top WordPress plugins

Here are the top options for turning a WordPress website into an app with plugins. Website owners tend to choose plugins because they are the most easily accessible. However, this is only true if an app developer is not available. Use one of these WP plugins.

1. MobiLoud:

It can convert any website to a WordPress app for android that works on Android and iOS. It integrates existing themes and plugins, such as WooCommerce, via a configurable interface. This team will also manage the process and offer professional support.

It is expensive. The setup and configuration of the plugin will run you at least $950, while the maintenance plan costs $199 per month.


  • Designed for WP websites with high traffic.
  • Also includes push notifications and offline support
  • Full-time service
  • Publish your app to Google Play and Apple Stores
  • MobiLoud branding cannot be seen

2. WPMobile.App:

This plugin allows you to convert your WordPress website into an WordPress app plugin. It is simple to use and allows you to customize the plugin from your WP dashboard. This plugin is much more affordable than the previous one and comes with lifetime licenses. You can purchase your Android or iOS app for EUR79, while an app compatible with both OSes will run you EUR149. No recurring fees.


  • A free trial periods
  • Unlimited support and updates
  • Waitlot-integrated, which translates your app
  • Push notifications and content offline

3. AppPresser:

This WordPress app plugin is unique because it doesn’t convert apps but connects apps made with its service to your site. You can control the design of your platform with the visual builder.

You will need an AppPresser account to begin working with the plugin. You can pay between $249 and $599 per annum. Advanced features will be available with the most expensive plan. They also offer custom development services.


  • An easy-to-use builder
  • Access to contact information, cameras, and other functionality
  • Live app preview
  • Supports Facebook login, push notification, and social sharing

Customized hybrid apps are also possible:

WP-API allows you to easily create custom hybrid apps using the Ionic Framework and WP-API. These are simple, single-page apps that allow for the extraction of WordPress content via a JSON REST API. This makes it easy to use the content within your mobile app. Its features go beyond that. The mobile app allows you to create and approve posts and comments.

These custom hybrid apps include the features of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These features are available in the PhoneGap, which allows you to use the features of native devices with an app store compilation. JSON, for instance, can be used to browse and pull your posts into a mobile application.


One of the options listed above could help you create your WordPress mobile application without the assistance of a professional developer. O2SOFT with 13 years’ experience providing quality assurance as an important step in creating your WordPress mobile app. It is an essential part of the process.

Before your users can use it, the platform must function flawlessly. There are many screen sizes, formats, and configurations. You can test usability, compatibility, as well as functionality. You can also perform beta testing, browser analysis, and performance evaluation. You can always trust our skilled, experienced UK app developers to do this if you are unable.

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