How technology has made Islamic knowledge easier for people?

The Internet has been providing ease in the life of people for years. No matter if you are looking for old documentary, old books, or the latest trends of social media, the internet knows it all. The best part of internet surfing is the fact that you can get hundreds of answers to one question in minimal duration. You are given all of the facts and information according to your search. The Internet has helped people in gaining Islamic education in several ways. The relation between Technology and Islam has risen in the previous years and now you can find almost everything, informative lectures by Islamic scholars, Islamic books of every sect, Tafseer, and Quran translations in multiple languages, and much more. Let us discuss the key feature that makes the internet one of the best sources of gaining Islamic knowledge of Muslims all around the world.

The number of Islamic channels, websites, and applications is increasing dramatically and sometimes it gets difficult to understand the difference between authentic and fake information.  Internet is a great medium for gaining information about absolutely anything. It can be used to spread Islam all over the globe.  Websites can be designed where everyone can get the teachings of Islam according to their need. Online available Hadith collections such as Sahih-Bukhari, Sahih-Muslim,  Sunan  Abu-Dawud, Malik’s al-Muwatta with multiple translations are available in many languages prove to be very helpful.  A wide range of Hadith collections has been settled properly by topics and editions. Books collections are also available in many formats. Collection of sects books, answers to problems related to Islamic teachings, and articles are also available on different platforms of social media.

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Let’s discuss the sources of Islamic information that technology has blessed us.

  • TV Channels
  • Islamic Websites
  • Islamic software
  • Informative videos and online seminars
  • Islamic videos for kids

TV Channels

We believe that the benefits of technology for Islam are highly offered by Televisions in our society. TV channels play a major role in promoting Islam and Islamic information all over the globe. So many countries where Islam is not so common need such channels more. One of the most important things to ponder and recognize as a Muslim is that the job of Islamic education should not be limited to Islamic channels only. In fact, all other private and government channels in all Muslim countries should play their role. Islamic programs, game shows, plays, and talk shows are now produced and aired on entertainment and family channels as such channels attract more viewers than outright  Islamic channels.  As a comparison we have seen people of different religions educate their children in the form of animated videos and teach them the lessons.

Islamic Websites

There are plenty of Islamic websites where people can get a lot of information about Islam, all of its sects, rituals, norms, values, and beliefs. You can browse websites in multiple languages and understand things in a better way. Also, you can translate the already existing content into any language.

There are some websites that have different sections for Shia and Sunni sects. Imamia Jantri is one of the most prominent Islamic websites where you will find a vast range of Islamic content. No matter from which sect you belong, you will find equally authentic information for different sects. You will also find separate sections for quotes, dua, news, amaal, and videos sections. It’s a website for the complete family. You and your kids will always find something so beneficial that will increase your knowledge.  You can browse Imamia Jantri directly from your browser or download the official application by Iftikhar book depot from android Playstore or Apple AppStore.

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Islamic Software

There is some software available in the digital market where you can learn about Islamic calendars, calculate zakat, find accurate prayer timings according to your regional times and location. This software can be downloaded by websites or you can purchase the CDs of this software for better results.

Informative videos and online seminars

COVID’19 has affected the routine of people from all around the globe and the impacts are going to last longer than estimated. The entire world is switched to online classes and the digital world during the COVID times. This proved to be the rise of digital media. Now you can find every lecture recorded by scholars on the internet. There are millions of informative videos where you can educate yourself. Just write a topic name and find multiple results matching your search in a minimal timeframe. Not just this, you can also search randomly and find the best videos that relate to our daily life with the values of Islam.

Imamia Jantri’s video section is the perfect place to find infinite videos for your counseling and education. These videos are collected from the most real topics that we need to know about in our daily life.  When we talk about online seminars, we see that it has decreased the distance and increased the knowledge. No matter where you live, you can join an online seminar from any country and learn about whatever you want. The only barrier between you and the seminar is the language but luckily, most of the seminars are held in the English language as it is the international language. These seminars are highly informative and can help you gain knowledge from the comfort of your house.

For seminars and videos, the only necessity is the internet connection and dedication to learning.

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Islamic Videos for Kids

Technology has been helping people of every age to gain knowledge about Islam. The best form of educating children is to educate through videos. The colorful videos with cute animations help your children to gain knowledge whereas it also clears the concept. The Internet has bridged the gap between technology and Islam. People around the globe can search for anything to increase their knowledge regarding accepting Islam. This practice has also helped in the spreading of Islam as learning has become easier.

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