How many jobs are available in office equipment/supplies/services?

How many jobs are available in office equipment supplies services
How many jobs are available in office equipment supplies services

How many jobs are available in office equipment supplies services? If you want to keep the office running smoothly as an office admin, you need to have stock of office supplies. You can be hired as the seller of office supplies and a customer service agent, depending on your training and experience. Today, I will discuss how many jobs are available in office equipment/supplies/services? So, this blog will be interesting especially for job seekers. Read on!

Many jobs are available in office equipment supplies services

How many jobs are available in office equipment supplies services

There are many jobs available in office equipment/supplies/services. You would be seen individuals engaged in written communications. They are responsible for recordkeeping or bookkeeping, housekeeping, storage of supplier data, and cleaning duties. Employees use office supplies such as pens, staplers, paper clips, USB flash drives, and printer ink cartridges. Equipment is more durable and permanent than supplies. It doesn’t require the same demands as other industries, such as working long hours on call. You can search the internet to find how many jobs are available in office equipment.

Job Availability in Office Equipment/Supplies/Services

How many jobs are available in office supplies? Do you need to take equipment supplies or office supplies as a career? Let me give a clear answer: businesses of all sizes, from small startups to extensive cooperation, use office equipment, and supplies. Although technology has reduced the need for these supplies, these supplies are essential for the administrative and operational parts of the business. Office equipment helps to manage the office work and ensure the day-to-day tasks are finished quickly. It impacts the productivity of the workforce. It is required for all kinds of companies to get the job done faster and better. Equipment for the office shouldn’t be neglected, and every worker should have the right tools for a productive and efficient workplace.

You would be organised

Working in an office environment requires just organizational skills. Whether you are doing administrative tasks or keeping the computers up to date. You need to know what you have done and what else you people need to do.

You work with other people

Most of these jobs work with the public or in regular communication with others in the office or company. If you work in maintenance, you must respond to complaints and requests to determine the problem.

30 Common Office Equipment with uses;

What are education and certification required office equipment/supplies/services?

The following types of degrees and certifications are required, which will help to search out more about how many jobs are available in office supplies and services.

Information Technology

It will be good if you want to be part of this career and work in IT to set up the technology. An associate or certification would also help.

Business Administration

This is necessary to teach you how to run a business.

Computer Science

A bachelor’s in computer science would be more beneficial. An associate’s or certificate is best to get started with this in your career.

Pros of the office supply and equipment industry;

  • Discounts

Office supplies and equipment companies offer employees discounts, and you will get these discounts often. Employees can get office supplies and equipment at lower prices.

  • Opportunities

There are many opportunities for growth and advancement in the industry. Employees can start as sales associates and become a manager.

  • Good Pay

The salary for office equipment and supplies is good, and you will get this position for a minimum of $60,000 annually.

Cons of the office supply and equipment industry;

  • Low Job security

The office supply and equipment industry is unstable, and you would see low job security.

  • Boring & repetitive work

Work can be repetitive and tedious, especially for those working in office supplies stores. It can lead to low motivation and productivity.

  • Slow growth

The office supply and equipment industry is slow growing, so people looking for high growth potential should know this is not the best option.

  • Requires Physical Strength

Positions in the office supply and equipment industry require physical strength. It will be tough on the body for those not used to it.

Highest-Paying Office Equipment/Supplies/Services Jobs;

Highest-Paying Office Equipment/Supplies/Services Jobs;

Working in an office environment is not exciting for many people, and office equipment supplies services are a comfortable job. Here are the best paying jobs in office equipment supplies services.

Information Technology Specialist

The majority of office equipment is based on computers or connected to computers. Information technology is essential to keep going and make it secure. Information technology has made everything so advanced and applicable to all industries, which helps to build a career in this. The average salary for this job is $95,000.

Security Systems Sales Representative

We all know how much security systems are important and majority of offices and office buildings have installed security system. Hence, as a security systems sales representative, your job is to find out people who want to purchase a security system and convince them to buy it. You need to plan the needs and tailor the price.

Outside Sales Representative

Outside sales representative requires more confidence and are outgoing besides being knowledgeable about what you are selling. You need to be willing to travel and spend lots of time on the road instead of in an office.

Copier/Printer Technician

A copier/printer technician is an expert in printers and copiers. It requires expertise in office equipment. Most duties are to ensure that copiers and printers in the office are working correctly. They are responsible for repairs and cleaning, and maintenance. Sometimes they h

Data Center Technician

We know every office space doesn’t have a server but needs a data center technician. The technician does maintaining and repairing the servers. It includes keeping them from overheating, replacing parts, and keeping them clean and up to date. The average annual salary for this job is $51,000.

Central office equipment installer

If you work at the central office, you have lots of experience working with and installing equipment. Equipment installers are responsible for installing the equipment for setting up and testing equipment to make sure it works properly. Central office equipment installer has an average annual salary of $64,000.

Space Planner

Space planner is not directly related to office equipment; space planners are responsible for deciding where different equipment should be placed. They would also consider how much room is required to function correctly. The average annual salary is $68,000.


Buyers are responsible for getting goods, supplies, and equipment needed regularly. Office supplies are centralized at a large company, and buyers need to sort out for purchasing the items and how often it is required. The average annual salary of $54,000 is expected for the buyer.

Office Manager

Equipment and supplies are part of the job description. We can’t say this is directly related to office equipment or supplies, and office managers are in the charger for the office. It depends on the size of the office and the amount of experience every manager has. It depends on the size of the office, which is expected to ensure the office is adequately stocked, and the equipment is working correctly.

Entry-Level Office Equipment/Supplies/Services Jobs;

Entry-Level Office Equipment/Supplies/Services Jobs;

You can get this job only based on a high school diploma, and an associate degree is also recommended. They offer an opportunity for advancement to build the experience. Let’s see:

Retail Clerk

Several retail stores sell office supplies. Staples or office depot will be the best options. There is nothing wrong with my career as a retail clerk because you can see different retailers such as Target, Walmart, and best buy sells office equipment and supplies. A specialized retailer like staples can give you the experience to get a job that requires a specialized skill set.


Assemblers assemble items, ranging from putting together furniture to unpacking and assembling a large printer or copier. You should follow all the instructions written in the manual. You would have an idea of what the finished product would look like.

Printer Operator

Various printer operators require print on media other than paper, such as plastic or textiles. A person as a printer operator should know about printers and standard printing practices. It depends on where you are employed, and you should be trained in binding and laminating equipment. Their average salary is $31,000.

Computer Operator

A computer operator job is required to manage a network of computers. Their duties include keeping computer software up to date and secure. They should make sure that the hardware is working correctly. Computer operators can earn an average of $37,000 annually.

Printer Technician

Printer technicians are printer experts; their main task is not to operate the printers but to install, maintain and set up network connectivity as applicable. You need to be familiar with printers, which can help you focus and troubleshoot all the issues.

Security system installer

A security system installer is responsible for setting up a security system in a home or business. They are familiar with the system they work with and should know how to connect it to appropriate networks and customize it to the client’s needs.

Computer technician

A computer technician is responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the computers in a company or office. They should be familiar with computers, software, and security to keep the system running correctly. Computer technicians would earn $40,000 annually.

Office Assistant

The office assistant does basic administrative tasks. It includes filing and storing paperwork and document and scheduling meetings and appointments to ensure the office supplies. They will answer the queries via phone and handle the customers. It requires strong organizational skills and good communication. The average annual salary is $31,000.

System Technician

System technicians are responsible for running individual computers, printers, and system technicians. This is for both hardware and software. It troubleshoots, runs diagnostics, and maintains. It requires familiarity with computers and being good with hands. The average annual salary is $42,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the office facilities’ equipment?
  • Internet connection
  • Telephone systems
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Photocopiers
  • Printers
  • Computer software
  • Stationery
What are the purposes of office equipment?

The primary function of office equipment is to enhance the company’s operations to make your employees more productive. Communicating via phones, fax machines, and computers is much more convenient and time-saving.

Is office equipment supplies service a good career path?

Yes, it is.

What is workplace equipment?

Safety equipment in the workplace protects the user from harm. Wearable personal protective equipment is a common type of safety equipment.

What is equipment maintenance?

Equipment maintenance requires a procedure to keep an organization’s equipment functioning. It includes both routine maintenance and corrective repairs. Mechanical tools and computer systems are examples of equipment.

Final Thoughts

Office equipment and supplies are a good option for a career, and you people need to develop a solid CV for providing working experience and showcasing talents. To work in the industry, you should know the new information and skills as technological advances for pursuing this career. Make sure you have done the homework on many positions in this industry and check out the abilities required for each employee. Follow these instructions in the office, supplies, equipment, or services mentioned in the blog. Do share your experience with me!

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