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write for us – Are you fed up of trying several writing platforms and have never been able to secure a writing opportunity? Do not worry anymore as we have great news for our readers. If you are searching: technology write for us or tech write for us such queries on Google then you are on right platform. We offer paid guest blogging opportunities for you at lowest budget. If you are the one with writing germs we recommend you write for us.

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We at Tech today tips are offering all the passionate pens to come and ghost tech write for us and make their content published here on this prestigious platform. Moreover, we will work as a team and will make sure to publicize your words that the world truly deserves to see. So do not hold back and write for us now.

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We Accept Guest Posts!

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We Accept Guest Posts at Tech Today Tips. There are a majority of other online platforms but it can take up to months or years to make a unique portfolio there and if you are lucky you will eventually land a client. But this opportunity is right here only a few seconds away and you can easily grab it if you have impeccable writing skills. You should go for us first because we are one of the leading tech blog websites that write informational blogs about tech. Your tech related content will easily rank here with just a minimum effort.

Secondly, because we are not charging you an arm and a leg for publishing your pieces. Thirdly, you can choose from a variety of different themes to write about Including business, tech, mobiles, transport, and money saving tips. And lastly, we have a reach that no other website can have in terms of engagement and recognition.

Submit Guest Posts!

Let’s submit your guest posts by following our requirements. Our Requirements are simple and straightforward as we just need someone who can come up to our standards of blogs and posts. So we have a few simple Requirements like

  • The writer must have good English writing and blog writing skills
  • He should write relevant blogs and should not be off the topic
  • He must be able to write 100% unique words as we cross check all our blogs on platforms like Copyscape and Quetext.
  • The ghostwriter must not use rewriting tools and should deliver original content
  • Make sure that your blog follows the already used pattern in our blogs

Things that we do not appreciate

  • Sharing the blogs that we post here on any other platform
  • Addition of external links to other websites
  • Inappropriate use of keywords
  • Plagiarism 
  • Use of IA tools

So why are you waiting for an opportunity to drop on when you have this golden chance to get your words featured at Tech today tips.

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