Why Video is Essential for Marketing, Sales, and Social Media

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Grabbing the attention of your target audience online means knowing what they love to watch. So what are people interested in watching online? No prizes for guessing; it’s videos, of course!

Videos should be an integral part of your digital marketing campaign, whether you want to promote your brand on different social media platforms or drive more traffic to your website or YouTube channel. With more traffic and views, you get a higher engagement that eventually translates into higher revenues. 

You can make a video in under 5 minutes using some applications. So, what’s next? Let’s learn of 8 ways in which videos can help your business grow!

8 Reasons Video Marketing Boosts Revenues

Follow these strategies to improve your brand’s bottom line: 

1. Higher Conversions

Any successful sales or marketing campaign has one goal in mind, and that is lead conversion. The more leads you generate and convert, the more you grow. To generate leads, you need higher engagement. 

What engages your audience? While pictures and infographics grab viewers’ attention, engagement is multiple times higher with videos. Whether through your landing page or social media accounts, a well-scripted video can generate higher revenues for you.

Be it through explainer or tutorial videos, any form of information through this dynamic medium means sure success. People feel inclined to learn through moving images and stories. 

2. Propels ROI

Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, the medium that generates the highest ROI or returns on investment is what you should focus on. With online video editing tools, making professional videos is easier than you think. These platforms provide tons of templates, music, and animation so that you can create a video in under five minutes!

The most important aspect of a successful marketing video is content. The viewer is looking for relevant content presented in a fun and exciting way. Use high-quality visuals and ensure there is no audio disturbance. 

Analyze the videos made by your competitors and generate ideas for your video. Keep in mind, though, the platform that is ideal for your competitor may not be suitable for you. 

3. Earns Customer Trust

To get more customers, you need them to trust you and your brand, regardless of online or offline campaigns. How do you gain their trust? Share video testimonials of your existing customers. 

When viewers see and hear your existing customers talk about their positive experiences after using your products or services, they are almost convinced.

Another way to gain the trust of potential customers is through influencers. These influencers have a huge following, and if they promote your products on their platform, higher conversions are likely from your viewers. 

4. Preferred by Google

Your ranking on the SERPs (search engine result pages) is likely to get even higher with videos. Viewers spend more time and engage longer with your brand if your website has videos. Since Google owns YouTube, having videos on your social media pages and website ensures a higher rank. 

Just posting videos is not enough; they need to be optimized using SEO. For effective SEO, a title and description are mandatory. Backlinks to products, websites, and services also push up your ranking. 

Don’t forget to include a compelling CTA or call-to-action element in your video. At the end of an engaging video, the viewer wants to know what they are expected to do. Keep your videos crisp and informative, and add more visual elements to your videos using a video editor that engages viewers to spend more time on your videos.

5. Engages Mobile Users Better

The number of smartphone users with internet access is rising, and with it, so are the chances of your video being watched by more users on mobile phones.

Further, viewers prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones when they are on the move. The personal connection is also stronger for mobile users than for desktop or TV viewers. 

You must ensure that your videos are mobile-compatible and can be viewed optimally on phone screens. The video should not take a long time to load, and both the audio and video need to be clear on all kinds of devices. 

6. Explains Concepts More Easily

It’s easier to explain how a product or service works through a video. Viewers have also expressed that they feel eager to learn more about the functioning of a product through videos than through text. It’s for this reason that explainer videos are so popular.

Videos also offer the option of combining content featuring a human explaining a product with an animated character. This makes the video more interesting to watch. 

7. Motivates Everyone

Not all viewers have the same level of interest, but videos have the power to motivate even lazy customers. For example, when someone sees a product being unboxed, they are inclined to keep watching even if they are otherwise not so proactive or interested in most things. 

Further, viewers feel engaged quicker and for longer when they see a combination of audio and video. They watch the video till the end, and with the call-to-action trigger, you sometimes also get a new customer!

8. Has Wider Reach Through Sharing

When viewers find an exciting or unique video, they want to share it on social media instantly. With videos, this can be made easily possible by embedding social media buttons on your website to facilitate sharing. 

To ensure your content is shared as much as possible, make sure it is unique, relatable, fun, and has a smooth flow. This keeps the users’  interest level intact throughout the video.

When your video gets shared among different groups of people, your brand gets broader visibility. This helps in lead generation, customer conversion, and higher revenues. 


It is evident that videos are an indispensable part of your company’s success. You must thus include videos in all your sales and digital marketing campaigns.

When creating a video to promote your product or service, attention should be paid to content quality to generate the right impact.

Make professional videos through templates provided in video-making platforms for free. Add animation and music to make them more engaging. Write the script for the video beforehand and make sure it adds value to the viewer. 

Keep adding more content on a regular basis to keep viewers engaged longer. Posting regular content will also increase your followers and drive up sales. 

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