What is The Best Graduation Gift? iPad Pro OR iPad Air


For everything linked to their work, today’s students rely on technology. Some pupils prefer computers, while others prefer tablets, and still, others prefer a combination of the two. Apple’s iPad models, on the other hand, are a fantastic choice for adding a gadget to a student’s mix of equipment because they offer both convenience and performance. The iPad models are the ideal gift for a graduate just starting out in the post-school profession. This is all because of their flexible use and multipurpose configuration.

iPad Pro OR iPad Air

iPad Pro

Apple fans got a sneak peek into what’s in store for them at the California tech giant’s April 2021 event. Apple has revealed additional iPad Pro enhancements, including the use of M1 processors and improved touchscreen technology in the recently announced models.

More powerful processors would mean increased productivity, which would be perfectly accommodated by the touchscreen technology upgrade. These two upgrades made the iPad Pro look more appetizing to both casual and avid users – more powerful processors would mean increased productivity, and that increased productivity would be perfectly accommodated by the touchscreen technology upgrade. Aside from new CPUs and better screens, Apple has finally responded to customer demand by releasing 5G-capable iPad Pros.

Although Apple fans are well aware of the impact this upgrade will have on their carrier plans, who wouldn’t desire a quicker connection and a powerful processor?

iPad Air

The iPad Air is a less expensive and lighter alternative to the iPad Pro. They have the same A14 CPUs as the latest iPhones, yet they perform similarly to the iPad Pro. The Airs, on the other hand, did not receive the same M1 chip and 5G upgrade. This is wonderful news for those who are satisfied with the Air’s present capabilities in relation to its low price.

What is The Best Choice For a Student?

In order to choose the best one for a student who is leaving school and embarking on a new career, you must first answer certain questions about usage and preference. For what purposes will the graduate use the iPad Pro or Air? How long do they plan to use the iPad? Finally, what is your preferred pricing range? If you know how your grad uses his or her devices (preferred device? favorite apps? ), you’ll know which iPad model to get them. You’re better off going with the iPad Air if they’re finishing high school and utilizing Microsoft Office for schoolwork and communicating with their peers, both in terms of pricing and comfort.

However, if the student is approaching the end of their Bachelor’s degree and maybe dabbling in higher-level hobbies such as graphic design or coding, the iPad Pro is the superior choice due to its processing power and larger screen size options. They can get by with an iPad Air, but if they need more power than Microsoft Office provides, the iPad Pro is the way to go. Most businesses, for example, utilize a combination of office and productivity applications that demand a little more power, such as Slack, Teams, Zoom, and Airtable.

Battery Life

Let’s get started because we know battery life is an issue. While surfing the web or streaming films over Wi-Fi, all iPad Pro models can last up to 10 hours, and up to 9 hours when using a cellular data network. The iPad Air isn’t far behind, lasting the same amount of time for the same activities on both Wi-Fi and cellular data networks.

Apple Pencil Compatibility

While both the Pro and the Air can use the Apple Pencil, the Pro is more user-friendly. By connecting the iPad Pro to the Pencil, it is possible to charge it. In the iPad Air, this feature does not exist. This isn’t an issue if your future graphic designer or product manager won’t be using the Apple Pencil frequently enough to require it to be charged. The iPad Pro’s compatibility with the Apple Pencil is a nice feature to consider if they utilise apps that benefit from sustained Apple Pencil use, such as drawing and note-taking apps like Procreate.

Both versions are ideal for basic productivity demands for recent grads in a wide range of disciplines, but if you want to use either model as a computer, be prepared to be disappointed. Why? Because neither model was created with the intention of being used as a computer. There are so many things that PCs can accomplish that iPads can’t. The iPad Pro is the Apple device that comes closest to a computer in terms of performance, but why not simply get yourself a computer? Given the high expense of Apple devices, this may be a better choice.

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