What is Lifehack.org?

What is Lifehack.org? Lifehack.org is an organized web page that allows you to learn about simple productivity hacks to almost all aspects of your work and personal lives. Not only has this but it also focuses on improving your parenting, performance health and relationships.

The way the world is changing and the life is becoming so fast paced. We humans are always in a rush to compete with our peers and to achieve our personal goals. The greed for achievements in our lives have increased so much that we have completely forgotten about all other factors that might be important. So, Lifehack.org is all about mentoring and guidance to keep you on the right track. Some people believe that in order to succeed in your life you must sacrifice something. It can be your relationship and even your health. But the truth is you can have everything if you balance and manage everything in the right way.

Leon Ho and His Story:

Leon Ho is the Founder and CEO of Lifehack, which he started in 2005 as a way to share his personal productivity hacks to make life easier. Since then, he has grown Lifehack into one of the most read productivity, health and lifestyle websites in the world – with over 12 million monthly readers. He has been listed as Business Week’s #4 “Top 24 Young Asian Entrepreneurs”, and with over 30,000 articles published at Lifehack, is now widely recognized as a productivity and management expert through his pioneering work at discovering, applying and spreading the secrets of personal development to the world.

Leon Ho started as a software engineer at Red Hat. After serving there for some time he was quickly promoted to the managerial position, where he was managing a team of engineers from different countries. During this tenure, he realized that only hard work is not the key to tackle increasing complexity and workload. In search for better ways, Leon started to spend a lot of time in reading books and on productivity and management. Not only did he read from the books but he also started applying those concepts in reality. He continuously started testing different methods and started to figure out which methods failed and which one produced some good results. That was the time when Leon Ho started to bring life hacks in to the light. Those simple things began to increase his productivity in an amazing way that he quickly met all the demands from his work and in his mid-20s was efficiently managing over 150 engineering projects. In less than 5 years he reached a state where he was set apart from the normal league and no other managers were there with him for a match.

In no time Leon made good name for himself and the life hacks that he shared gained popularity as it helped the common man to break that typical cycle of redundancy and gain some extra powers to over perform. He decided to give up his job, the typical ladder climbing and started working for something that would benefit any individual around the world.

At Present:

At present Leon has connected all the experts and contributors from around the world to share their experience and knowledge to unleash new ways of productivity, increasing efficiency, discovering better ideas and better perspectives.

He is a valued guest speaker and contributor and has been featured in multiple publications, including at the UC Berkeley Hass School of Business, Harvard College in Asia Program, the Guardian, and the Washington Post, besides being recognized as Business Week’s #4 “Top 24 Young Asian Entrepreneurs”.

You can educate yourself on number of things, you just need to explore the website. There you will find coaching on topics like:

  • How to keep yourself motivated at work
  • How to set your goals in your personal life and at work
  • Gaining Focus
  • Life Potential
  • What is a successful Mindset?
  • Learning
  • Benefits of exercise and training
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Restoring your energy
  • Balancing life
  • Mental wellness
  • Relationships
  • Parenting

Over there you can also take life assessment tests and figure out at which stage you currently stand at. Secondly, there you will also find courses that will help you to grow in life and achieve your motives. Like, how to stay mentally sharp and focused at work, how to learn faster and smarter, how to boost energy and peak performance and, what is motivation and how to get motivated?

Full Life Framework:

At www.lifehack.org you will also find the most valuable thing, that is a book written by Leon Ho, the name of the book is “The Full Life Framework – The Essential Guide”.

The Full Life Framework by Lifehack is 5 simple life principles that can help you achieve a full and meaningful life.

Life Missions:

Life missions are the essential elements of your life that make it worth living. Fulfilling these objectives is what offers your life significance, happiness, and completeness.

Compromise the Method, Not the Mission:

The issue is that the majority of people believe they don’t have an option. That’s why Lifehack believes in Jeopardizing the Approach, Not the Objective. There’s always a method. You can always alter how you do things, instead of giving up on doing it. To be able to have the option, you require the right skills and the best mindset.

A Progress Mindset:

Initially, you have to free yourself from winning or losing. It’s since we’re so scared of loss that we never provide ourselves the chance for true growth. A progressive mindset does not care about “success” or “failure”, it just cares about development. As long as you can produce growth and enhancement, you have actually succeeded.

Self-Control Systems:

Just having a progress state of mind alone isn’t enough. You can’t simply consider it! You have to be able to take constant action. Consistent means routine, long-lasting, quality actions.               

Life Multipliers:

Lastly, you get a chance to read about Life Multipliers, which is the core life abilities that give you leverage. Life Multiplier are the skills that enable you to achieve massive growth in life and multiple gains while keeping everything in balance.

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