Common Types of Fraud Which PI Investigates

Common Types of Fraud Which PI Investigates

Private investigators handle all types of complicated cases, and they help to identify frauds. Usually, surveillance needs to do due to fraud, common examination, skip tracing, and much more. Here in this blog, we will share the purpose of private investigations and common types of frauds requiring full assistance. Have a look:

Accident/ Reconstruction

Roadside accidents and other mishaps are the root cause of criminal activity, and these frauds definitely need to be investigated. Various private officers are instructed to solve the accident cases because these incidents can be lodged against criminals. A private investigator has years of experience and can quickly determine the cause of accidents and other frauds within given deadlines.

Background Checks

Investigation services are essential for a background check because people commit fraud when hiring or getting married to someone. Investigators help to get essential data about them. HR professionals usually hire private investigators to conduct background checks. Among other issues, they would find out whether either candidate has a criminal record or not. They would also take notice of employment records or resume details and verify them.

Background Checks

Fraud Investigations

There are so many types of fraud that need to be investigated. It includes workplace injuries and other compensation claims. Hire a private investigator to find out the compensation claim. He will research and find out the evidence to disapprove of their claims. A private investigator can easily determine the fraudulent claim. They would determine who was at fault in car accidents and who could be cheating others.

Accident investigations

These investigations are essential to know who is at fault and how the accidents happened. Private investigators would determine who was at fault and usually these investigators are hired by lawyers and insurance companies with instructions to establish who caused the accident and who was at fault. They would be informed to find out new measures to prevent such accidents. These investigations include interviewing witnesses and taking pictures or videos of the crime scene.

Business Investigations

They would help to find out the business frauds as well. Investigators examine overall company strategies, mission, clients, history, finances, and other factors to bring out other factors for true performance and value. You need to investigate the company before acquisition. These investigations would disclose all the hidden information, and personnel would investigate the company’s current situation. A private detective agency has expert professionals to help you in business investigations. They would find out about the fraudulent activities.

Business Investigations

Investment Fraud

These frauds would include different types of fraudulent schemes. It involves illegal investment fraud which can refer to assets, registered and unregistered securities. Companies need to overcome these things and hire private investigators to carry out investigations. Private investigators should be licensed and have already worked with law firms and security regulators to find the main cause for the fraud investigators to solve the case professionally.

Healthcare fraud

This fraud occurs on a government basis where companies are dishonest with healthcare claims to profit. The cost of healthcare is increasing daily, and it shows fraud is getting more severe every day. It can cause severe organizational losses, and professional medical fraud investigators will review, analyze and study certain cases to investigate the hidden records. An experienced private investigator can identify fraudulent activities by gathering evidence and presenting findings.

Auto dealer fraud

These types of fraud refer to illegal practices in dealing with automobile dealers. Professional private investigators help to discover the history of used vehicles, and if you suspect fraud, they can also find out. Many automobile salespeople withhold the required information, which can affect a purchased vehicle’s value. Hiring private investigators would save you from future damages.

Auto dealer fraud

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is an illegal act that is committed in the insurance process. It can threaten the survival of insurance institutions. This type of fraud may be committed by applicants, third-party claimants, insurance agents, and insurance professionals to provide services for the claimant. These types of insurance fraud need to be investigated in detecting, identifying, and investigating insurance fraud cases. It will also help gather social media evidence such as fake passports, false documentation, etc.

Final thoughts

These are the common types of frauds that need to be investigated. Get the help of investigators to know everything in detail. Private investigators would have experience, training, and knowledge and help effectively reduce fraud risks. Make sure whatever company assistance you take for investigations should have years of experience, and it doesn’t matter how complicated the case of fraud, they would try to do justice with the truth.

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