Technology innovations of 2022 for Islam

Over the past decade, technology has taken over the world and now everything is done with a single tap on our electronic devices. Want a cab? Tap! Want groceries? Tap! Want the latest dress by your favorite designer? Tap! Want to book an air ticket? Tap! But where does Islam stands in this modern era? The views of the world about Muslims using technology are poor and they believe that Muslims are more attracted to natural resources than depending upon science. It is true somehow but it will be wrong to say that the Muslim ummah has nothing to do with technology. Technology has been blessing the world with smart devices and many people from the world have benefitted but if we look at the technology innovation for Islam, we will see that numerous developments have been. There are hundreds of gadgets developed, introduced, and functioning around the world that are helping Muslims around to world to stay firm on their religion. From small to big, millions of technologies are present today.  A Salat card that counts Rakat in prayer, an automated Azaan system that air computer-run azaan in a city of Egypt, Cairo; an ablution machine that helps the Muslims in performing Wuzu in proper manners even if outside the house, and so much more technologies are here today!

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If we talk about how technology has shaped Muslims, their activities, and their firmness to religion, we will find more positivity than negativity. Here are the few highly used gadgets that bought ease to the life of Muslims.


E-Quran is the online Quran teaching service that is provided by many online and physically present institutes. If you are unable to commute to college and take proper classes, you can just stay at home, register yourself and educate yourself about Quran online with help from these institutes. You can understand the complete Quran with Tajweed and Tafseer. The teacher uses modern technologies to teach you. You need a good device (Laptop, tablet, computer, or mobile phone) and an uninterrupted internet connection. This facility is helping a lot of Muslims around the world especially females who are not comfortable going out and Muslims residing in a non-Muslim country. This latest facility allows you to get a better understanding of the Quran and also learn Arabic as a language. Arabic helps you in better understanding of Quran and other Islamic books written in Arabic.

Pen Reader Quran

Keeping Quran with you when you travel can be risky as you will always be more careful about the position of the Quran. The respect of the Quran is a lot that Muslims keep in higher places. There’s a device that you can use as a substitute for keeping al-Quran with you. Pen Quran is the name of this technology that has eased the life of millions of Muslims around the world. This is one of the most used technologies among Muslims. Works best for the old-aged women who are not able to read the Quran and also for the travelers. No matter if you are traveling, walking, working, or off to bed, if you want to listen to the beautiful recitation of the Quran, you need to switch it on and keep it at a place near you. it looks like a pen with a light on it. It also has a few buttons for on, off, pause, and pass. It also has a speaker and a special sensor. It comes with a digital Quran. When you place the pen on a specific verse or Surah of the Quran, the pen starts reciting from that very point and keeps on reciting until you turn it off. We can say that it is one of the best benefits of technology to Islam.

This device comes in many colors, models, and new features are being introduced every year. This device has eased the life of many millions around the world and is considered one of the best technologies for the means of Islamic purposes.

Islamic E-Books

Over time people around the world are more attracted to technology and are highly using it. The latest trends in the world have shown that people read more E-books than the print book. This is one of the main reasons why the use of technology has increased by 100% over the last few decades. Islamic E-books are available in every language, for every sect, and sometimes with audio too. The highest collection of Islamic E-books you will find on the internet is about the hadiths quoted by different scholars, Sahaba, and others. These E-books help you in educating yourself about the depths of the Quran while you are home and do not make it compulsory for you to go out. This technology innovation for Islam is highly appreciated by the old aged people and young Muslims who are reading books on their way to school, college, university, or office. You will find the collection of duas online, hadiths with references, and quotations. These e-books help in character building.

Qibla Finder Devices

Muslims around the world prayers are directed to Qibla. The direction of Qibla is different for every country and continent. We see so many people around the world disputing about the right direction of Qibla according to their house, office, and region. Today, there is a lot of application on the internet to tell you about the Qibla direction to your current location. These applications are not 100% reliable and you should not blindly trust these applications. To get rid of this confusion, thanks to Technology for introducing Qibla Finder Devices. These devices are programmed to inform you about Qibla’s direction. These devices have the entire world map saved in them and can work from every corner of the world. Highly effective while you are traveling or when you are moving to a new house, town, city, or even the country.

Azaan Clocks

Azaan clocks are found everywhere in a Muslim country. It will be placed at your workplace. These clocks are not the normal clock with 12 numbers, 3 pins, and a big round dial. These clocks are digital which shows the accurate namaz timing for the whole day including Ishrak, tahajjud, and Juma prayer times as well. They rang when the clock hits the azaan time. It is customizable and allows you to set namaz timing differently for each namaz according to your location. These Azaan clocks are also found in hospitals, mosques, and public places. This innovation has bought ease to the lives of Muslims all across the world.

Digital Tasbeeh Counter

One of the most common blessings of technology for Islam is the digital tasbeeh counter. This is a small device that you are wrap around in your hand. It has two buttons on it. One is a counter and the other is the reset button. You keep clicking the big counting button as you recite your dhikr. After you are done and want to start another dhikr, you can easily press the other button to reset it and start counting again. This is a handy gadget and it is very easy to carry. It comes in many colors and the prices are very normal that you Can have it in your favorite color as well.

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