Security Technology Advancements in Canada

21st century has completely changed the dynamics of the world we live in. Travel distance and the time required for the execution of tasks has reduced drastically. Technological advancements in every sphere has made our lives easy, safe and comfortable. Staying up to date with the technological progress and the recent upgraded gadgets is somehow become a necessity for almost every person. Without the efficient use of technology, we would consider our houses, offices and factories unsafe. To keep houses and offices safe from crimes, thefts and robberies we always prefer to invest some money in the security related technology in order to live with the required peace of mind.

Canada 2020 Crime and Safety Report” revealed some interesting statistics and information in regards to the security issues and safety. The crime rate in Canada represents a continuous rising trend. The crime rate for the city of Ottawa (the capital city of Canada) witnesses 3,900 incidents per 100,000 population. The main factors that has increased the crime rates are breaking and entering, sexual assaults, assault and a major rise in the robberies. Non-Violent crimes increased by 12%, theft under $5000 rose by 18%, fraud recorded an increase of 13%, whereas, breaking and entering increased by 12%. These are the statistics of those cases that were reported. The unreported part stays out of the record.

Private Investigators are trying to figure out new ways to catch the crimes and to increase the level of security. On the contrary, the negative forces, the criminals and the people involved in financial shenanigans are try to find new ways to break the system. This war will continue till the end i.e. “Making of the new system” and then “Breaking the new system”. This factor is the only reason why the technological advancements in the world and of course in Canada cannot stop. Private Investigators in Canada have developed new security protocols through technological advancements to secure the below mentioned areas or properties:

  • Big Data Protection
  • Cyber Protection
  • Financial Shenanigans
  • Vaults
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Outlets
  • Manufacturing plants or factories
  • Areas under construction
  • Mines and Oil Fields

Securing of these areas can drastically reduce the figures of reported crimes.

Technology Advancements in Canada:

The security providing companies and the government are making tremendous efforts to keep the crime rate and situation under control.

Body Cameras:

The top security companies in Calgary that provide security guards for commercial and residential protection are now up with Personal Protective Gears (PPE) for their guards that are made fulfill all the security needs. Above all, the gear is equipped with body camera for recording and live monitoring of the events and individuals. This helps to identify blacklisted individuals instantly. Usually the security guards with the body cameras are stationed at the entrance gates, from where the monitoring of individuals entering a property or an event becomes easy.

Mobile Patrol Service:

Mobile Patrol Service is a very stealth kind of security technology being used in the states of Canada. The security guard companies in strong relation with the State’s Parking Authority have devised this mechanism. The security cars patrol around a specific route with 360 degrees view of the camera. In day time they don’t get very prominent, the criminals might find a way to cheat a camera or even cut off an alarm system but it’s harder to trace of when or where a security patrol might show up. This system help the Canadian states to secure specific routes, parking lots and securing large sites and parameters.

Super Human Sensing:

This system uses a thermal camera and is equipped with hazardous gas sensors. The robots and the installed automated systems reads and catches up on any anomaly that might go undetected and un-noticed by a human security guard. The framework and criteria of the robotics can be fixed and can be made strict and adjustable at all levels. The chances of false alarms and the mistakes will remain there for now but it has been made sure by the engineers that they are minimized to the lowest level.

This security technology can be more useful in the large public gatherings or where the footfall is high. Usually the rate of abnormalities and a dangerous action is relatively high in such places.  

Cyber Security:

Just like our most valuable things our personal data is also valuable. We exactly know how important is our data that is posted on the social media platforms and stored in our cellphones. More than this, big companies like Multi-National Companies that operate in more than one country invest a lot of money and time to collect customer data that help them to understand their behavior and pattern of buying products. Their big data sets are all saved in the deep web layer. They are a lot more sensitive to protect their data from the hackers and the competitors.

To protect these data sets and privacy of the individuals and companies, The Cyber Centre has of Canada has built strategic partnerships with Canada’s critical infrastructure owners and operators in order to share enhanced cyber threat information and to promote the integration of cyber defence technology. All the latest technological techniques like Strategic Mitigation and Patch Verifications are used to block the invaders and cyber-attacks.


After the detailed discussion on the topic of security technology advancements in Canada, it can be concluded that Canada has made great advancements in term of acquiring security technology. In addition it can also be concluded that without technological advancements it’s impractical for any country to ensure security or safety of its citizens no matter if its Canada or USA. It is mandatory for every country to keep investing time and money in Research and Development to make sure that the security systems to protect the data, homes, and offices are up to date and impossible for the criminals to break the system.

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