How To Use Google Calendar as a Planner?

How To Use Google Calendar as a Planner

Calendars keep us organized and therefore people prefer to get google calendar as a can keep this digital calendar everywhere with them without any hassle. All you need is to learn how to use Google calendar as a planner? And your whole life will be sorted in this article. What were the most common questions that people are confused with is what digital planners can be synchronized with google calendar. A planet can bring many benefits to you like giving to a clear idea of the things that matter most to you and exactly how much time in need to spend on them to save your days.

Using Google Calendar as a Planner

Using Google Calendar as a Planner helps you to remember to recognize yourself and celebrate your success all your progress and a cheaper list of tasks that are manageable for you to reduce your stress and boost your productivity. When you synchronize your planner with your Google calendar it helps to tackle your to-do list and plan and prioritize your tasks. This standard not only helps you stay organized but there are also sustainable for the environment as you won’t be using paper which ultimately results in deforestation.

Let’s see what best digital planners can be synchronized with Google to make your life easy.

Artful agenda digital planner:

Artful agendas digital planner allows you to cross passed off tasks as you complete them create your custom list and plan your activities.   This planner also lets you plan your daily meals and your water intake  This planner is all about customization options so you can choose your theme, and cover design and use your handwriting to color code them to make it a personalized digital planner for yourself. This planner is available in the apple or Google play store and is compatible or synchronized with Google.

Goldmine and Coco’s digital luxe lifestyle planner;

If you want a digital planner that is a hyperlink for quick and easy navigation then a goldmine and cocoa digital luxe lifestyle planner is perfect for you. This planner includes updated early monthly order listening pages to use whenever you want. You can add notes pages for your meeting notes daily gratitude and meal planners so you can live your luxe life to the fullest.

Moleskin smart planner:

Moleskine is famous for digitizing everything you write down. This planet uses invisible technology to transfer your handwritten notes in real time to the screen.  it is embedded with NCoded technology to let paper fans use their phones as an extra large smart planner.

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My daily planner:

My daily planner is a modern planning app that not only synchronizes with google but also offers a variety of features so you can effectively prioritize your task and make your to-do list. This planner is available in four different languages (English, Spanish, German and French) so people around the world can benefit from it.  This planner uses PDF annotation( notability, goodness, and noteshelf). It can be used in portrait and landscape views

Focus Course;

Focus course is an interactive full-featured digital planner that can be downloaded on iPad via good notes and notability apps. Planners offer you to set and organize your daily tasks, your weekly and monthly review bronze or blank pages for your mind mapping. You can pick your seamlessly move around the planet due to its 6000 internal document links. With this app, you can easily be doodling on the blank pages to make free time into artistic time.

Evoprintable planner:

For all the health and fitness freaks, no planner is better than Evoprintable planners. This planner is compatible with both iPad and Android tablets You can convert it to a weekly fitness planner for your meal plans. You can also convert it to a weekly fitness planner to keep a track of your recipes, weight, and wellness.

Amethyst Garner planner;

This planner is significantly designed in a way to keep a balance in the downloaded life and achieve their goals. There is an extensive network of hyperlinks in buttons that provide on rival user experience. The hyperlinks in this around 25000 help you to move seamlessly and organize your finances, improve your fitness and sport your wellness. There are around 1300 digital stickers, 55 templates, and 12 sections to organize the projects.

Planners collective planner;

This virtual planner offers a never-ending list of features that includes sleep, habit, mood trackers grocery list, and meal ideas. You can also keep a track of your bills, your birthdays, and expense. This app is popular and comes with a different evaluation so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


All the above planners can easily synchronize you with your Google to make your digital planning is your than ever. These standards will make you stay mega organized so you can perform your tasks efficiently and keep a track of all your activities

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