How To Return Spectrum Equipment?

How To Return Spectrum Equipment?

Returning your equipment may seem overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to begin. However, how to return spectrum equipment properly can save you time and money.

Find an applicable return label below the device in question and attach the label to the outside of your package.

How to Return Spectrum Equipment?

Call Spectrum before you return your modem

If you want to return spectrum equipment your modem, start by calling Spectrum. They’ll ask you for your account number and tell you how to schedule a technician appointment. The technician will come to your house, pick up the equipment, and either charge you or waive the fee for early termination.

If the modem is still under warranty, Spectrum will send a technician out to fix it. If the modem is out of warranty, it’s unsafe for you to keep using it, so call Spectrum to request a replacement and return the broken device in its original packaging. If you don’t have the original packaging for the modem, find a box that is at least as big as the box or bag that came with your modem when it was new.

Unplug your Spectrum devices from the wall

Now that you’ve located your spectrum equipment return, it’s time to unplug them from its power source. This could be a simple task, but if you need help with how to do it, consult this guide!

Once you’ve unplugged your Spectrum equipment, it’s time to move on to Step 3!

Remove any screws that are holding the cable box in place

If your cable box is still attached to your television by a cord, disconnect it from the back of the TV. This will allow you to move your cable box out of the way.

Next, locate any screws holding down your cable box and unscrew them. These screws will either be on the bottom or back side of the box.

Locate the shipping label and return instructions

To return your Spectrum equipment, locate the shipping label and return instructions included with your equipment shipment.

Once you have located your shipping label, please complete it and affix it to the outside of your return package.

Look for the nearest UPS drop-off or Authorized Shipping Outlet (ASO).

You can return your Spectrum equipment to a UPS drop-off or Authorized Shipping Outlet (ASO).

If you’re returning a Spectrum box, you’ll need to pack it in a manner that prevents damage during transit. Please pack the box in a sturdy corrugated or equivalent, and fill it with foam peanuts or bubble wrap. Ensure the box is sturdy enough to protect the contents from being damaged during shipping but not so heavy as to make shipping prohibitively expensive for Spectrum.


Why Would You Need to Return Spectrum Equipment?

There are many reasons why you need to return your Spectrum equipment.

The first reason is that you no longer need it. Perhaps you’ve moved to a different address or decided that Spectrum isn’t suitable for your needs. Whatever the case, if you don’t need the equipment anymore, you can return it for a refund.

You can get a full refund if your modem or router has malfunctioned. If there’s something wrong with your cable box or set top box, then it should be replaced under warranty by Spectrum service technicians at no charge to you.

And if you buy an older piece of spectrum equipment that no longer meets current standards, you may be able to return it for a refund or exchange. In this case, the store should have an exchange policy for when customers want to return their purchases.

How Long Do You Have to Spectrum Return Equipment?

The period of spectrum return equipment is 15 – 30 days, but it’s important to note that you must return the equipment within 14 days of your cancellation request. A cancellation request can be made by contacting your local sales representative or customer service team.

You may also send an email with a subject line titled “Return Equipment.” Include your name and contact information, as well as the date of purchase and order number. The email should also include details about the issue you are experiencing with the equipment.

How To Return Spectrum Equipment?

To return spectrum equipment, please get in touch with the Spectrum Support Center. Provide your name, address, and telephone number. If you do not have a reference number, please request one from the representative, as you may be asked to provide this number as part of the return process.

Where To Return Spectrum Equipment?

You can return your spectrum equipment through the following methods:

1. Return it to the original store where you purchased it.

2. Return it to any Best Buy retail store.

3. Contact Customer Service and ask for a pre-paid shipping label so you can return the item via FedEx or UPS.

Spectrum Equipment Return Locations

You can return your spectrum equipment at any of Spectrum store locations nationwide. Bring the equipment and a copy of your receipt to a Spectrum store near you.

Where Can I Return My Spectrum Equipment?

If you want to return your Spectrum equipment, you can do so by visiting your local Spectrum store. You can find a location near you by entering your zip code into the search bar.

How long do I have to return the spectrum equipment

You have 14 days to return any equipment you purchase from Spectrum. Please contact a Spectrum representative for assistance if you need to exchange the equipment for a different model.

Spectrum Net equipment return instructions

Step 1: Obtain a return authorization number

Step 2: Complete the return form on the Spectrum website

Step 3: Package your equipment in the box provided or a box of the same size and weight.

Step 4: Attach your return authorization number to the outside of the package.

Step 5: Mail the package with tracking information to Spectrum’s returns department.


If you need to return the equipment, please do so within the appropriate time frame. You will be charged the total amount if you fail to return it on time. You can also make an appointment for how to return spectrum equipment at your local Spectrum store or schedule an appointment online.

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