How To Hack into Someones Wifi?

how to hack into someones wifi

Isn’t this interesting to know about something in detail for “how to hack into someones wifi? You may have come across solid signals from another Wi-Fi network near your home. If you people want to connect the super-fast Wi-Fi internet speed, this blog is very useful.

Everything these days is accessible with the internet only, and with the increase in smartphones everyone want to access the internet. We will share some easiest methods for how to hack Wi-Fi passwords on android 100% working? Although the internet is costly, no worries, we have some easiest ways for you all.

How To Get Wifi Password of Neighbors?

Well, this is not good thing to hack Wifi of your neighbors without their permission. But we are going to share some creative techniques about how to get Wifi password of neighbors? But you can read this blog to get something new about technology and we trust you will not use it for wrong purpose. Let’s read below some great tips:

Get To Know About the WIFI Password Security

The wireless network is quite helpful to reduce the cost and complex network where you don’t need to connect the computers or smartphones with cable. Just connect your smartphones over WIFI. Get the WIFI enabled devices to connect Wi-Fi either at the workplace or home. There are three types of WIFI password security:

  • WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy)
  • WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access)
  • WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password On Android Phone Without Root?

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password On Android Phone Without Root?

We all know rooted android will increase the hacking chances, but it’s pretty simple to hack the password on android without root.

  • WPS/WPA Tester

This is quite a famous and widely being used the android app to hack Wi-Fi. The method is pretty simple and consists of few steps. You can use this app without a rooted phone. We are going to share the methods for using this app:

  • Just download the WPS/WPA Tester app from the google play store and install it.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on a mobile device
  • Open the app and search for networks
  • Select the network that you want to hack
  • It’s up to you either to choose a brute force attack or not by using the app
  • Just put the key manually
  • App is perfect for Wi-Fi security by simply trying out combinations of words to crack passwords.
  • Use the WPS Wireless Scanner app

The option only works with WPS enabled routers. It is not because of the poor Wi-Fi signal and added security features. Just follow the steps to hack the Wi-Fi without root.

  • Download and install the WPS wireless Scanner app.
  • Open the app
  • Wait for automatically scan
  • Click on which network you want to open
  • Just write down the eight-digit pin when it asks for a Wi-Fi password
  • Open the device and enjoy Wi-Fi
  • Use Osmino Wi-Fi app

This app features more than 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots, including more than 2.5 million in the USA. Just download and use its offline hotspot database. You would be able to get both public and private hotspot passwords all across the globe. It’s totally up to you to switch on automatic search and connect to open networks with a single tap. You won’t get the password hacked, but users who have used the hotspot before supplying the passwords would be able to locate the device.

  • Use Pass Wi-Fi

Pass Wi-Fi is the only single application that is being used for both android and IOS. It’s easy to hack a Wi-Fi password with this app; all you need to do is follow the following steps. Check-in your mobile setting to see the network on the mobile screen:

  • Download the pass Wi-Fi for android and IOS devices.
  • Install it on mobile or laptop where you want to hack the password.
  • Run the application on the device to get access to nearby Wi-Fi network
  •  This application would fetch the Wi-Fi network near to it
  • Right after fetching data, a connection request for the router will be created
  • Connection request generates Wi-Fi details on screen with Wi-Fi password.
  • Get a WIFI password using MAC filtering

We know all devices have unique MAC addresses, and when the device is connected to WIFI, the MAC address is added to the router. You would be able to get Wi-Fi access, but admin access to the router is needed. People who have admin access to the router need to go for the outer setting and replace stored MAC with the device address. For all those who don’t know the admin login and password, go for the Kali Linux, which will automatically find the MAC either it is connected to a router or not and easily can replace it with a MAC address device.

  • Androdumper APP Apk

This is another excellent and tested Wi-Fi hacking android app that is to be operated on a non-rooted device. If you people are unable to root your device, then this app is suitable for you. Follow these below steps to hack any Wi-Fi using this app.

  • Download the Androdumper App and install it.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the device
  • Open the app
  • Tap and refresh the nearest Wi-Fi networks
  • Select the targeted network and tap on that

This app will try every possible combination of characters and alphabets to crack the password. You would be lucky enough to know how to get the Wi-Fi password of neighbors? They definitely will have the weakest password of neighbors, and you will get through this app.

List of applications for hacking Wi-Fi from android

  • WPS/WPA tester
  • WPS connect
  • Zanti
  • Wi-Fi password
  • Wi-Fi kill
  • Wi-Fi inspect
  • In Map
  • Kali Linux on android

You might have come across various apps here in this blog to know how much it’s simple for hacking wireless network passwords. You people have options for both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. Download these apps, and we have shared all details as recommended by the views of people. Do share your experience with us!

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