How To Embed Google Calendar On Your Website?

Embed Google Calendar On Your Website
Embed Google Calendar On Your Website

Do you wish to make it possible for website visitors to check your schedule and make appointments?

Consequently, you should know how to embed google calendar in a WordPress website.

But why Google Calendar?

Embed Google Calendar On Your Website

Because it is one of the most efficient tools available, and it’s also simple to use.

The best thing to do is embed a Google Calendar into your website if you want to display your events to customers and urge them to attend your events or appointments.

With the different CMS tools available, embedding calendars into your WordPress website has become challenging.

As a result, you can seek the help of a trustworthy website development company to integrate Google Calendar successfully.

This blog will discuss two ways to Google calendar WordPress integration.

Why Embed Google Calendar in WordPress Website?

Embed Google Calendar On Your Website

Before going ahead, let’s understand why you should add Google Calendar to your WordPress website.

  1. Tell Your Consumers About Upcoming Events: You may let your customers know about upcoming events using Google Calendar on your website. Doing so can ensure that everybody knows in advance and participates in the events.
  1. Organize Personal Appointments: Businesses can list all of their activities here and add comments, reminders, and anything else necessary to streamline working hours. It is the main objective of Google Calendar for personal usage.

Using Google Calendar integration on your WordPress website is an excellent method to tell your visitors about significant events that are coming up. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic tool for organizing video conversations, managing participation in meetings and events, and setting up recurring meetings.

Additionally, Google is involved, which significantly increases brand recognition. Although other plugins provide additional features, they typically aren’t handy. Therefore, spending your money on Google Calendar would be wiser if you are going to pay.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Integrating Google Calendar Into WordPress Websites

The techniques mentioned below are highly effective; therefore, you should pick the one that most closely matches your business requirements.

Method 1: Embed Google Calendar on WordPress Using a Plugin

You may include Google Calendar in your WordPress site with the assistance of various support plugins. But this blog will discuss the highly recommended plugin: Simple Calendar. This plugin makes it extremely simple to display Google Calendar in WordPress.

You will not have to update anything to WordPress because it syncs with your Google Calendar in addition to showing events by week, month, or list format. By joining with other plugins or using its numerous add-ons, you can further modify its appearance.

Step 1: Adding a Simple Calendar To WordPress

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard, and go to the Plugins option.
  2. Click Add New and type “Simple Calendar” in the search box.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Go to the Installed Plugins section, and enable it.

A small calendar icon should be present in the Calendars section. You have thus successfully installed Simple Calendar; congratulations!

Step 2: Integrate Your Calendar with Your Website

  1. Go to Calendars > Settings
  2. Go to Event Sources (you will notice that it requests a Google API key.)

How To Get Google API Key

  1. Open Google Developers Console
  2. To begin a new project, select Create Project
  3. Click Enable APIs and Services
  4. Type Calendar API and select Google Calendar API, and activate it
  5. Proceed to the Credentials, then Create Credentials select API Key
  6. Click Restrict Key
  7. Select HTTP referrers under the Application Restriction part (websites)
  8. Select the “Website Restrictions” option. Add an item and enter your website address.
  9. Click Done
  10. Select Restrict Key and Google Calendar API under the API restrictions section.
  11. Click Save

Step 3: Display Google Calendar in WordPress

  1. Go to Google Calendar and click Settings
  2. When you reach Settings for my calendars, scroll down and select the Calendar you want WordPress to display.
  3. Click the Access Permissions
  4. Check the Make available to the public option and click Integrate calendar
  5. Copy the ID in iCal format under the Public address
  6. Go to the WordPress dashboard and select Add New under the Calendars menu.
  7. After entering the title you want for your Calendar, scroll down to view the Calendar settings.
  8. Select the Google Calendar and paste the ID you copied (Public address in iCal format) into the Calendar ID box.
  9. Click Publish

However, the process is tricky, and you have a few difficulties. Therefore, we recommend taking help from the website design and development services for a flawless embedding process.

Method 2: Add Google Calendar Using the WordPress Block Editor

  1. To integrate the Google Calendar Block on your WordPress site, go to a page or post where you wish to embed the Calendar and click Add Block.
  2. After that, type Google Calendar and choose the related block
  3. Once you have added the block, you will require to allow permissions for the Calendar you wish to share and paste the calendar embed code into the related field.
  4. To acquire the embed code for step 3, go to Google Calendar, click on the three dots next to the Calendar, and click Settings and sharing.
  5. Then, go to the Access Permissions tab and enable your Calendar to be public by ticking the Make available to the public option. (You will get a notice stating that this will make all your events visible.) Click Ok
  6. After that, visit the Integrate Calendar section and copy the Embed code. It is the code you will utilize for adding your Calendar to your WordPress website.
  7. Now, go back to the post or page where you wish to show your Calendar and paste the embed code in the related area. After that, press Embed and save the changes.


Overall, Calendar will assist you in scheduling, managing, and sharing events so that your consumers are aware of upcoming events. Google Calendar WordPress integration will give your website extra features, create value for visitors, and set you apart from the competition.

Select the method that best fits your business needs from the above-mentioned effective methods. However, these methods can be tricky and troublesome, so consider getting help from a reputed website developer. You should also select a website development service provider having relevant experience, knowledge, and portfolio.

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