6 Ways: How you can cut video on Mac

how to cut video on mac

Want to cut the useless part or other footage from your video to ensure the quality output or save space? Not aware of how to cut video on Mac easily and quickly? There are many handy apps to effectively cut unwanted parts.

While editing or cutting any video, you need to be more careful. Any mistake can remove the sections that are crucial in the final product. In this article, you will dig into multiple ways to cut a video on macOS like professionals. But first, let’s know why video stops running on Mac.

Video Not Playing on Mac? What’s the Reason

Some users wonder how to deal with the videos not playing Mac problems or why it even happens in the first place. Well, it could happen due to multiple reasons. The possibilities are that a virus or malware could not be allowing videos to play, or the video file itself is corrupted.

Network interruption during video downloading could be the main culprit. Possibly, the video might not be playing due to its large size. If this is the case, you need to cut unnecessary parts to make it smaller in size.

Trim Video in QuickTime

QuickTime is a built-in video app on most Mac computers. You can cut the video from the starting or end or both. Just be sure that a video opened with only QuickTime can undergo the trimming operation.

Access the QuickTime app in the menu bar and click Open File. Choose the video, tap Edit, and select Trim. Adjust the video’s beginning and end by tapping and dragging the yellow handle. Click Trim, see the preview, and then save the video.

Cut a Video via iMovie

Cut a Video via iMovie

This is another most commonly used app among Apple device owners wondering how to cut video on Mac. Trimming and professional editing of video clips and complete movies are easier using this simpler video trimmer. Launch this app in Finder by clicking File.

Open your existing project or create a new one by clicking plus. Select a video you want to cut and right-click the start and endpoints. Click Cut to trim the required footage. For cropping, tap the Crop icon and select Crop to Fill. Crop the video by grabbing the handle.

Use Final Cut Pro Max

This is another video editing and cropping tool for professional video editors. It’s not perfect for users who require a simple crop only in certain cases. This is because it is expensive. To cut a video, launch the app and create a new project by tapping New Project.

Click File and select Import. Next, tap Media to load a video to cut. Drag a video to the timeline and hit the crop icon. Select Crop and choose the clip you want to display by dragging the edges. Hit on the Done button and save the edited video. Go to File, click Share, and select Master File.

Cut Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro supports high-quality 4K resolutions and performs excellent trimming functions. It also supports all video and audio codecs. To start trimming a video, launch this software and click New Project. Or, select File and tap Project.

Give a name and select a location for your project. Hit Ok. Drag and drop the video or press the Command and I keys. Choose the Editing workspace and then add media to the timeline. Choose imported files and drag & drop them into the timeline. Cut a clip and export it.

Cut Video Clip in VideoProc Converter

This is an ideal app for cutting and cropping videos on all versions of Mac. It makes a video fit all social media channels and devices. It provides full solutions to edit, fix, and convert high FPS, HDR, Apple ProRes, HD 1080p, and other videos.

To use this app, download, install, and launch it on your device. Select Video and tap +Video. Select the desired video or simply drag it into the app. Choose an output format and hit Crop. Mark the Enable Crop box. After cropping, save it by hitting Done.

Edit Video in Wondershare Filmora

Edit Video in Wondershare Filmora

This handy and powerful video trimming and editing app cuts a video without any quality loss. You can trim all video and audio files. It is widely preferred by users for featuring extensive customization options and a simple user interface.

Import a video by clicking Import or dragging and dropping the file to the Media Library. Trim the footage multiple times before adding to the timeline. Load the footage once you preview it. Choose the unwanted part you want to trim. Tap the scissor icon to cut it.


There are many free and paid tools available to cut videos. All have different advantages and disadvantages in Mac video trimming or cropping.

So, don’t choose any software randomly. Compare them based on all significant features and functions. Compare them based on the macOS version you’re using, ratings of the app, performance, and operation.

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