How To Charge Your Phone Without Electricity at Home

how to charge your phone without electricity at home

We all are living in a digital era where it’s difficult to live without mobile phones, and then the first thing would come to your mind is “how to charge your phone without electricity at home?” There are so many conditions in which we got trapped, and charging the phone is one of the annoying situations. Have you ever got stuck in such situations? Here in this blog, we are going to share some creative ways to charge your phone without power. Have a look

How to Charge Your Phone Without Electricity?

I have mentioned some easy-to-use resources to charge your mobile without electricity. So, let’s try these things:

TV Remote Battery

TV Remote Battery for mobile charging

Have you ever thought your TV remote battery would be so much beneficial? When you see your smartphone running out of battery and looking for an alternative power source, a TV remote battery is one of the best alternatives. Just take a couple of wires, including a USB connector, and three batteries to provide balanced voltage. Use battery holders to avoid confusion in battery settings. You would get three battery output wires that can connect externally with charger wires, and it’s your choice to buy an inbuilt USB port to connect with a smartphone charger directly with AA batteries.

Charge With Cigarette Lighter Ports

Cigarette Lighter Ports for Mobile Charging

People planning to go on a long drive must be scared of battery timing, then it’s pretty simple you can quickly boost up the smartphone battery. Every car has cigarette lighter ports that have 12V DC. A car charger can convert the power to 5V to help you in charging electronic gadgets. If you have a USB option in the car, it also suits an additional USB cable for smartphones. A smart car charger is also available, and it can simply charge the phone while driving a car. It will immediately start charging, and you would have the option of using the phone as well.

Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank for Phone Charging

The power bank is also a great option for everyday use to prevent the smartphone from getting critically low. If your smartphone supports a 1A charger or fast charging, then power banks can boost up your device’s battery. You would get the 1A charging to 2.1A faster charging with power banks as well. Power banks can be bought with 10,000/10,400mAh, 12,000mAh, 14,000mAh, 20,000mAh at affordable rates. The standard pack would be able to charge the phone 100% at least 2 to 3 times. Most battery packs have a charging capacity of twice or thrice for android smartphones.

Laptop As Power Source

Laptop for phone charging

People who don’t have portable chargers can use laptops or electronic gadgets as power sources to charge smartphones. Connect the smartphone to the laptop USB with a cable and charge the phone. You may have come across a pop-up of file sharing, then cancel it and recharge the mobile phone. It has made life much simpler than anything.

Utilization Of Solar Charger

Solar charger for mobile charging

Portable chargers for smartphones are capable of producing a sufficient amount of energy to charge your mobile phones. One free source of energy is solar power which powers up the smartphone charger with household appliances. Solar chargers come with or without inbuilt battery packs. It is highly recommended to use the charger with an inbuilt backup to use later. Solar power is offering a 24000mAh Li-Polymer battery to store the power. The device can provide 5V/2.1A power.

Use Kinetic Energy to Charge the Phone

Kinetic Energy for phone charging

Have you ever thought of kinetic energy? Use kinetic energy to charge the phone by walking around and spinning your phone for charging. You would get so many wearable motion chargers that charge as you move. Another available device in the market, creating hype where you spin your cell phone and get charging from spinning motion.

Cell Phone Charging Using A Land Line

Land line for phone charging

Isn’t it amazing to charge the phone from the LAND line? Hardwired into a phone line will always work, which is one of the effective hacks for people. You would find the fantastic hidden source of electricity which is for emergency use only. Just tap the power from the Telephone Company and recharge the cell phone.

Power Up with Wind Turbines

Wind turbines for phone charging

You can charge the cell phone with wind, and portable wind turbines allow you to charge the phone without electricity. Recharge the phone with a wind and solar mobile charger if you find that one near you. A computer fan which is found on every desktop and laptop also used to charge the phone.

Vehicle’s Battery

phone charging with car battery

Another power source available during a power outage is the battery of the car. Although as we have already mentioned USB car adapters which are quite affordable and give easy access to phone charging.

These are useful ways about charging your phone without electricity at home. Don’t go for any crazy DIYs because they may affect the performance of smartphones. Go for the authentic one and try to get your hands on to latest gadgets for charging that have already made our lives easier.

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