How To Archive A Google Classroom?

How many of you have used Google Classroom as a teacher? It is one of the best spaces which provides virtual learning. It has a feature available only to teachers known as archiving, which keeps you organized and preserves materials for moving on to a new section or other courses. Archiving is a way to file materials without permanently deleting them. The teacher and student can access class materials, but the class won’t appear on the classes page. Here we are exploring the simple ways How to archive classes in Google Classroom?
It is easily available on the Google Classroom menu. If you need to reactivate the course, do it by restoring or deleting it permanently.

What Will Happen On Archiving And Deleting A Google Classroom?

How to archive a class in google classroom? Archiving a class means deactivating it so that it will remain unused. The class won’t appear in active classes but a separate area of Google Classroom. Archiving will preserve the work and all class materials, attachments, posts, and comments so you and your students can view and access them. They can’t update the materials or unenroll from the archived class. Remove or delete a Google Classroom permanently. Removing or deleting a Google Classroom permanently can also be done. Archiving a class can be easily done by a teacher or co-teacher. Keep in mind that only the primary teacher can delete the Google Classroom.

How To Archive Google Classroom?

On Computer

  • Open Google Classroom on the computer.
  • Select More in the top right corner of the card for the class you want to archive.
  • Click Archive.
  • A pop-up window appears to show Archive to confirm the action.
  • Select the stacked-line icon in the classes to see the archived class.
  • Now Select Archived classes.

How do you archive a google classroom on Android and iPhone?

  • Open the Google Classroom app.
  • Tap More on the card for the class you want to archive.
  • Tap Archive.

How to restore Archived Classes?

Restoring helps reuse the materials, posts, assignments, and comments. All you need to do is to:

  • Open Google Classroom on a computer or mobile device.
  • Tap menu.
  • Select Archived Classes.
  • Next, select or tap More > Restore on the Class card.
  • Select Restore to confirm the action.

How To Delete A Google Classroom?

Well, deleting a Google Classroom will remove access to any class posts. Teacher and students can use the relevant link to access class files in the Google Drive folder. Make sure you need to archive a class before deleting it because deletion is permanent, and you will never use the class again.

On computer

  • Open Google Classroom.
  • Select Menu.
  • Select Archived classes.
  • Select More in the top right class card, which you need to delete.
  • Tap Delete.
  • Select Delete again to confirm the action.

On Android or iPhone

  • You can also delete the Google Classroom app on Android or iPhone.
  • Open the Google Classroom app.
  • Select More in the top right corner of the class, which you will delete
  • Tap Delete.
  • Tap Delete again to confirm the action.

How to Leave Google Classroom?

Being a student, you can leave an archived class to remove it from your account. The teacher will keep the assignments, posts, and comments.

  • Open the Google Classroom either on the browser or from the app on a mobile device.
  • Select Menu.
  • Tap Classes.
  • Select More in the top right corner of the class.
  • Click Unenroll.

How To Keep Your Google Classroom Organized?

Archiving or deleting classes on Google classroom enables you to manage your classes and keep the homepage neat and organized. The steps are pretty simple, and you need to follow is:

  • Go to Google Classroom and click sign in.
  • Choose an option:
  • To move a class to a new position, drag the class to a new position.
  • On the class you want to move, click More and choose an option:
  • To make a class first in the list, click At the beginning.
  • If you want to make it appear after another one, then in the after section, click a class to place the class after it.
  • To make a class last, click To end.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I archive classes on Google Classroom?

Teachers and co-teacher can archive a class, but only the primary teacher can archive the class. Students can’t archive or delete a class.

  • Should I archive my Google Classroom?

When you are done with teaching, either at the end of the semester or school year. Archive the class because if you don’t archive the classes, it will continue to appear on both your and the students’ Classroom homepages.

  • How to hide the classes in Google Classroom?

Select Settings from the left navigation and click Hide class. Click Hide to proceed and click Cancel

  • How to recover deleted Google Classroom?

You can do it with the restore option. All you need to do is to:

  • Click on Archived and locate the classroom which you want to restore.
  • Select the button labeled Restore in the bottom right corner of the classroom.
  • Is there any way to see the deleted Google Classrooms?

Once a classroom is deleted then, it can’t be retrieved

Final Thoughts

These are the ways to archive a class in Google Classrooms, and we have tried to make it simple for you. Restore the Archive class and delete classrooms. There is the opportunity of organizing the classroom as well.

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