How Technology Makes Life Easier and Safe

Since the beginning of this world human beings are putting in their mental and physical efforts to make their lives easier and safe. This particular effort to make lives easier and safe has led to new inventions and innovative ways of executing tasks. For example, the first invention that we can find is the leaf shaped rock called “The Acheulean Axe”. This leaf shaped, triangular rock was used to butcher animals. Moving forward in the time, we can then find hammer stones, harpoons and then the invention of wheels. There a complete long list that cannot be names here in this article.

The role of technology cannot be ignored in our life at any cost. Our lives these days are completely dependent on the technology and its gadgets. We start our day with a coffee machine, toaster, juicer machines and anything that is placed in a fridge. All things that are named here are based on technology, these electronics knows as home appliances help us save time and energy both. Even after all this easy given to us by the technological advancements we feel that we are still short on time and something more efficient needs to be acquired.

Home Appliances that make our lives Easy and Safe:

As mentioned earlier that our house is almost completely dependent on the use of technology. Starting from the kitchen where the food is made or stored, you will only find technology. Microwave heats up the food in 1 minute as compared to tradition heating that takes almost 5-7 minutes depending on the nature of food. You go to your T.V. lounge (the name of that room itself is based on an electronic device). That particular room is ought to have a big screen where every house member can sit and get connected to the world. The information in there is shared from all around the world. What happened in China, USA, Canada, India or even Africa is updated instantly on the news channel. This is how technology has seeped in our lives, making it easier and safer. Just like anything that you will read on Life Hack is going to make your life easier

We usually see in our houses that our T.V. screens take a lot of space, either it’s on a table or wall. C Seed M1 unfolding T.V. is next level space saving gadget. You won’t ever need to decide whether you want to save some space or buy a big screen T.V. C Seed M1 gadget unfolds like an envelope and folds back into a small size that then goes under the floor by just touch of one button. Other great feature of the screen is that it comes with a 4K micro LED technology that ensures vibrant colors and high contrasts and Adaptive Gap Calibration (AGC) that makes borders between the screen folding wings completely invisible.

Tech and electronic devices are not only associated with our living and entertainment but also to our security. Many people these days, especially where the crime rates are high or on a rising trend prefer to have a home security system installed. The CCTV security system allows you to see who is trying to enter in your premises or did someone break in to your house while you were away. The cameras place outside or even inside your house can give you live coverage of whatever that is happening around. You can view the footage on your cell phones or even at your office PC.

Travel Time, Speed and International Trade:

Back in the days when humans were not exposed to the high level of technological progressions and inventions most of the travelling was done on animals like camels and horses or through the ships and boats in the sea. People used to spend days, weeks, months or even a year to reach a certain point as there was no concept of Air Travelling and the ships were not so fast. Today, we can easily travel to any corner of the world in lesser time and safely. The travel industry has experienced immense growth unlike anything industry. Other than our own personal travelling, the air and ship cargos are the main source of trading goods these days. The international trade and the businesses associated with it have witnessed amazing growth with time. In the end the whole process results in easy access to goods in every country and every market for the end customer.

Connectivity and Communication:

Connectivity altogether has advanced to another level completely. With the invention and innovation of cell phones the connectivity all around the world has integrated. Fast communication through cell phones has drastically reduced time consumption, making it easier for us to get connected with our family and friend with a touch of screen only. Not only now you can hear the voices but also see each other. Over the last couple of years it can be witnessed that the technology has made learning easier and efficient. After COVID hit, schools were not able to operate in order to avoid close interaction. For 2 years almost the students attended their schools online through the laptops, tabs and cell phones. Students on the other hand also love to do their research work and figure out new ways of learning. Cell phones and the new apps have also become the center of attraction for professional communication. Most of the professional communications, important updates to the clients and short meeting are regularly being done on apps called WhatsApp, Zoom and Microsoft Meetings.

Corporate Investigations and Security for Corporates:

Corporate Investigations are increasingly gaining importance throughout the world as the number of financial shenanigans are increasing and criminals are discovering new ways of breaking in to the system. Corporate Investigator’s main responsibility is to make deep assessments when your business’s reputation is at stake or facing any financial issues. Investigators, in order to fulfill their responsibilities, has keep themselves updated and upgraded in terms of technology and gadgets. “Device Cloning” is one of those latest ways to hard trace the habits of the criminals even if they end up deleting complete data from their phone or laptop. Device Cloning allows you to preserve all the data from the individuals under investigation. You just need to pay another person to get close enough to the person being investigated.


We can all agree on one point that the technology is has been rising at a very rapid pace and the researchers, tech companies are investing a lot of money in Research and Development activities to find easier and safer solutions. The impacts of technology on our lives cannot be undermined, the effective, efficient and controlled use of technology can definitely make things relatively easier. We cannot imagine the world we will be living in after 20 years because there are a lot of companies that are coming up with amazing and mind blowing innovations. It won’t be wrong if we imagine a futuristic life with flying cars and digitalized view from the eye. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and new codes are about to take the technology up on another level.

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