Some Hidden Android Features That You Should Know About

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The latest Android version has been out for a long time now, and many of us are scrambling to locate some hidden Android 10 features to keep us entertained. However, the notion of what is considered “hidden” varies from person to person. While Android 10 does allow you to “Uninstall” your screen in some ways, there are many real Android 10 features that are hidden. To find and try them, our fingers will have to work a little more. So, here’s a list of some of the secret Android 10 features that I’ve discovered thus far.

Hidden Android 10 Features You Should Try

Peak to reveal App Menu

In its attempt to mimic the iPhone’s gesture navigation, Google messed up one feature that Android users have been using for decades: the swipe gesture to open an app’s sidebar menu. Instead of opening the menu, your phone now jumps to the previous screen when you swipe from the left edge. You can use the Hamburger menu button in the same way as Apple users do. However, Google has made things a little easier. You can catch a glimpse of the sidebar menu by placing your finger on the left border and waiting a few seconds. Then all you have to do is swipe to open it. Even so, you’ll probably end up mistakenly triggering the back gesture instead.

Dirty USB Port Notifications – Contamination Detection

Yes, the Android 10 upgrade allows your phone to detect whether moisture or debris is clogging the USB port, indicating that it should be cleaned. Otherwise, you may have trouble charging your phone or connecting USB peripherals, and the port may be destroyed in rare cases. To prevent additional damage, Android phones will even stop the USB port. On my device, I was unable to activate the notification. Contamination Detection, on the other hand, is listed in Google’s official Android 10 features list, implying that it will likely be available on all Android 10-compatible devices.

Search Bar on App Info page

We’re all huge fans of Google Search. Google is so obsessed with it that it tries to relate Search to every product it sells. A search bar can be found on your phone in a variety of places, including the home screen, app drawer, and the Settings app.

Now, Google has corrected one issue that had been bothering me for a long time. On the App list page, it has added a search box. As a result, instead than scrolling back and forth across the app list numerous times to select a specific programme, users may simply input its name.

Seek bar in Music Notifications

Another Android 10 feature that you won’t notice until you listen to a song is this one. One major annoyance for music fans is wanting to skip a few seconds while listening to a song. To see the seek bar on Android Pie, you’ll have to open that specific music app. Android 10 attempts to make our life easier, and the music app notification now has a seek bar.

A new way to Silent Notifications

Notifications are a terrific way to stay on top of what’s going on with your phone and the internet. While they are designed to deceive our minds, they can also be beneficial at times. However, there are situations when they aren’t required. For instance, at a meeting. To use the Silent Notifications feature on Android 10, press and hold any notification. If you activate it, the notification will arrive without making any sound or visual indication. This type of capability is available in the Digital Wellbeing app on Android 9, however Silent Notifications are a one-tap thing. The quiet notifications are even displayed separately on Google’s notification box.


So, there you have it, some of the best Android 10 features that are tucked away in various places of the operating system. Feel free to explore more and add your ideas if you think you should know more about your smartphone. As technology keeps updating everyday, so enjoy!

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