Google Voice Not Working? 8 ways to fix this issue

Google Voice Not Working

Google voice is the famous Voice Over these days, and the reason for its popularity is the free service. Users report several issues every day regarding this. Let me add one thing here if you people rely on the platform to manage all the business phone calls and text messages; then Google Voice is not working; you need to pay attention to this.
If you sign up for the unique phone number provided by Google, you can forward calls or messages to your cell phone. There are multiple reasons why you see google Voice is not working. Every professional business owner needs to look at this not affecting the services; otherwise, it creates poor client experiences. Here we will share the fixing ways Google voice is not working. Let’s get into this

Unable to access the Google Voice Account

Voice over Internet Protocol service is easier to access, but if you come across errors with google voice, there must be some issues. It could be an internet connection issue, or you need to update the app from the app store to the latest version of the voice app. You would be unable to access the google voice account if you are trying to use more than one Google Voice number over the phone, either android or iPhone. If google voice is not working on iPhone, check the internet connection.
Admins need to assign every user a Google voice license before assigning the phone numbers for those using Google voice for Google Workspace. It could happen when the admin forgets to turn on Google voice for an individual account or re-assign the same phone number.

How to fix it?

License the phone numbers, which can be managed through the “Users” section of the Google Admin console. Get started with Google Voice for business.

No alert for incoming calls

If you are not getting alerts on incoming calls or messages, the Google voice number is not working. A list of Missed calls or voicemails is not good for customers’ satisfaction.

How to fix it?

Open the app settings to check whether Do not disturb mode is on. If not, Click on the “Calls” section of your settings to see whether it is accidentally turned off call for android, iPhone, or the web. If all your settings are fine on the browser, then Google Voice can instantly mute the audio. Only jump back on the tab and click around for 10 seconds.

Unable To Make International Calls

Global teams or international clients are mostly handled with Google Voice, but multiple issues occur for google voice outgoing calls not working. Free accounts cannot make calls or texts out of the USA, and you must purchase the credits. When you update the Voice for Google Workspace, pay at least $20 per user per month.
Users can come across these issues with international calls on their phones. There are chances of the conflicting app with another service. It’s not specified yet which app is concerning the issue, but restarting the Google voice app can solve the glitch.

Quality issues with Google Voice

When you are selecting the Google Voice app, then make sure about the quality because it’s a key. Google Voice doesn’t have a good reputation for sound quality. Distorted calls are bad for the business. You can break up with a brand for good on the audio breakup. Make sure there are no Wi-Fi or mobile data issues because they can disrupt Google Voice. However, a bad internet connection could be the main issue for this but contact support for free users. Let me add one thing here no customer support for free users.

Google Voice Loading Slow On The Browser

You can access your phone from any computer or mobile device via Google voice. Users report issues with accessing the platform via a browser on There are potential causes you can for loading slower on the browser, such as poor internet connection, incompatible browser, and browser not updated. Slow loading is a consistent issue that needs to be sorted out by looking at all the parameters. Reboot if you experience Google Voice not working on the browser, or double-check Google Voice’s system and browser requirements. There are multiple options for Google Voice alternatives like Open Phone.

Unable To Find The Port Phone Number

A smooth transition of all business phone numbers into Google Voice isn’t possible for every company. Google Voice will have its port phone number, but users can run into several porting issues on the platform. Voice doesn’t support porting if you haven’t paid a $20 porting fee per number. The process doesn’t make it easier as users support.

Not Receiving Voicemail Transcriptions

Users face issues with both delivery and transcription quality. You have turned off the “Get voicemail via email” in your settings for multiple reasons. The caller’s audio quality is poor, and Google can’t decipher the message. Google Voice is quite limited in receiving voicemail transcriptions. You need to follow this for people who are not getting voicemail transcriptions. Google Voice alternatives such as Open Phone support more integrations, allowing transcripts on other channels.

Can’t Make Voice Calls On Hangouts

Have you ever chosen voice calls with hangouts integrations as your business phone service? Users cannot make Google Voice calls via hangouts, and this issue can’t be fixed. A Google voice alternative is created for business needs to help achieve smoother communications. Google Voice means are easier to switch between different platforms to message your team. People who want to use Google Voice for your team and customer communications.

Final Thoughts

These are the things that help to deal with Google Voice not working. Log in to a Google voice account and checking recent messages can be easily fixed. Do try out these methods and fix this issue as soon as possible.

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