A Technology That Is Safe But Not Reliable

A Technology That Is Safe But Not Reliable

Everyone is familiar with the boom of technology, and we all rely on this for many reasons. Nowadays everyone is so independent about technology but do you know it has many flaws? You can’t predict a technology that is safe but not reliable. This blog is all about the different aspects of technology to let people know how technology isn’t safe but unreliable. You should all know how to protect yourself against potential threats. Let’s get into this blog to know how much reliability is critical when figuring out reliability.

Is Technology Not Reliable?

Technology is safe but not a reliable form of energy. Some experts have misconceptions about its reliability enough to use it as the main energy source. The technology relies on nuclear fusion, which is an unpredictable process. Fusion reactors are expensive thing to build and maintain. In today’s era, technology is becoming much more critical, and we rely on technology for everything from communication to transportation. Reliance on technology may raise questions about its reliability. We don’t talk about its security all the time, but it should also be reliable.

What Are The Technology Threats To Keep In Consideration?

We all rely on technology and should be familiar with the dangers of technology as well, other than reliability. There are so many threats which are associated with technology, such as cybercrime and identity theft.

Technology connects us to people and information, although it’s good for us to stay connected to our friends and family. However, it can be bad when you come across disturbing news while browsing the internet, and difficult to disconnect yourself from this. When you are being trolled internet, then it could also be disastrous for many.

Technology can be addictive, and we can lose ourselves in games, social media, and other online activities. It can cause mental health problems and make it difficult to get into everyday life. You would forget about the real world around us.

Technology can be dangerous, and it’s always evolving and changing. What else you may find in it safe in the past few years won’t be safe for upcoming years. Keep yourself educated on the latest news and developments in technology to make better decisions on what you use and how to use it.

Ways To Determine A Balance Between Safety And Reliability

It’s essential to find a balance between safety and reliability for technology. Determine the middle ground between the two extremes because if you find technology either too reliable or too safe, there is something in between that we don’t know. Always keep an eye on the purpose of the technology and what else we need to do, and if the answer is something like keeping people safe, then safety is the priority. If its reliability is much more important, then it is making life easier.

Another major thing that needs our attention is who is using technology. Technology is being utilized by businesses or governments then reliability is much more essential. Regarding personal use, safety is much more important than reliability.

Do you ever give thought to how often technology will be used? Safety would be the most significant concern if used occasionally, but reliability is much more important if used frequently. Make sure you people have found the right balance between safety and reliability by considering all the factors.

Examples of Safe but not Reliable Technology

Airline Industry

Airplanes use safety inspections to ensure the safety of the passengers. Planes can experience technical issues or human error, which cause accidents. The technology used in aircraft is safe but not reliable. However, strict design, production, and maintenance guidelines are set to ensure safety. Airplanes can experience accidents due to various factors where technical issues such as equipment failure or design flaws can lead to accidents. Technology in airplanes is ensured to be safe as possible, which is not reliable due to potential issues.

Medical Devices

You might have seen pacemakers and insulin pumps designed to improve patients’ health and quality of life. These devices can also malfunction, which leads to severe consequences. A malfunctioning insulin pump and pacemaker could deliver too much or little insulin, which causes hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. The safety of medical devices is ensured for regulatory approval before they can be sold. FDA has set the standards for the design, production, and performance of medical devices for safety purposes.

Food Safety Measures

Food safety measures cooking temperatures, expiration dates, and food handling procedures to prevent transmission of complications. These measures can sometimes cause food wastage, which is perfectly good but due to safety concerns. Perishable food items such as dairy products and meats have expiration dates to ensure food is consumed before getting spoiled. Cooking temperatures and food handling procedures are for killing bacteria and preventing illness. Overcooked meat can cause dryness for tough texture, while undercooking cause foodborne illness.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power could be safe but unreliable because plants are equipped with different safety protocols to prevent accidents and public protection. Everyone is fully aware of the Fukushima and Chornobyl disasters, where safety systems get failed. These safety systems include contaminant structures to avoid the release of radiation and emergency shutdown systems to pause the reaction to save you from the accident. The technology used in nuclear power plants is safe but unreliable due to potential accidents.


What Is The Difference Between System Reliability And System Safety?

Most systems are reliable and safe. Requirements, reliability, and safety can differ from fixed total costs.

Can Faulty Software Systems Be Considered Reliable?

A system without faults is considered highly reliable, but constructing a correct system is complex. An incorrect system may be considered to be reliable for zero defects.

How are Software And Hardware Reliability Related To Each Other?

Hardware reliability is defined as the probability of the absence of hardware-related system malfunction. At the same time, software reliability is defined as the probability of software-related system malfunction’s absence.

How To Measure Software Reliability?

Measuring the failure rate of a software product can have N installations of software under observation. If the total number of failures in N installation in a period T is F, then the best estimate for the failure rate of the software is [18] λ = F / (N * T)

What Are the Factors Influencing Software Reliability?

Software reliability estimation is affected by three main factors:

  • Fault detection
  • Fault removal
  • Operational Environment
  • Development process
  • Size and complexity of the code.

Final Thoughts

To know how a technology that is safe but not reliable? So, above aspects are essential to understand the technologies which are safe but not reliable. Technologies must be safe, but we shouldn’t overlook the reliability factor. This is totally up to engineers and designers to maintain a balance between safety and reliability while developing technologies.

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