5 Mobile Tech Trends for 2023

The mobile world with 298 Million smartphone users (in the USA) has never ceased to amaze us with the development of apps with advanced features. These outstanding trends are because of stiff competition in this ecosystem coupled with advancements in technology. Let’s take a look at some of these trends to watch for and how they’ll affect the future.   

The constant development of technology is the new normal of today

Nowadays there’s the integration of various activities into the digital sphere. This has been shown by some human activities that have been substituted by Artificial Intelligence. Besides, a new virtual reality has been formed that has changed our interactions. Below is an analysis of some of these trends and how they’ll affect the future.

Adaptive AI

Artificial Intelligence is currently a normal term among many. They’re computer programs and machines that can analyze and copy human action to bring desired results. Several platforms like Spotify that recommend music to Google maps that suggest shorter roots are all using AI.

So, to function efficiently, the system needs to collect various data to learn users’ trends like in the case of Spotify. AI has gained popularity because of its improvement in learning human emotions and executing autonomous activities with accuracy.

Many businesses will likely embrace it to efficiently serve their mobile-based clients. Applications such as chatbots will be used to offer help and crucial information. Also, firms will have to create a way of linking their product with mobile to allow remote access.


This is a technology that creates a virtual reality that you can be part of. It’s like having a fantasy and being able to walk and interact with that fantasy. This technology has attracted several sectors which are utilizing it. Let us dive into some of these sectors and see how this technology is shaping them.

  1. Education sector: This technology has changed the way education is being conducted. The students don’t have to be present in a specific spot. Instead, they can conduct meetings with their teacher in virtual reality. The 3D print also makes the class more interactive through accurate representation of concepts.
  1. Commerce sector: The need to travel to a physical location to view items like real estate has been eliminated. The potential clients can access the property, view and ‘walk’ in it. This will attract many enterprises in commerce to use this technology to help their clients best interact with their products.
  1. Exercise Activities: The technology creates all requirements for exercise in virtual reality. An individual can exercise with ease in the comfort of his home. The best part is that you can stage a meeting with a trainer and train in the comfort of your home.
  1. Entertainment: Metaverse offers an outstanding 3D experience that has made it a popular choice of entertainment. Its users have also been able to attend virtual concerts. This offers a good opportunity for business as people can choose their avatar and even buy costumes they’ll like to wear. 

Rise of super apps

The super-app is an advanced app that offers several features in a single platform. This functionality allows its user to no need to install several apps and it can execute several functions. An average person spends about 3 hours browsing apps. This lack of concentration means businesses lose revenue as users don’t stay in a single app for enough time.

To retain users’ attention, several businesses will merge their services into one platform. Several services like music streaming, e-commerce, booking,  gaming, payment options, and many more will have to be in a single platform.

Below are some popular mobile apps that have successfully done this:

  • WeChat: This is a Chinese-based app that started as a messaging platform. It later started offering services like taxi booking, ordering food, payment of utilities and applying for loans.
  • Gojek: This is an Indonesian app that offers a payment system and allows people to safely ship goods.
  • Uber: Uber has also slowly become a super-app by moving from carrier to transport and currently offering payment for fuel and maintenance fees among its drivers.

Risk and Security Management

It is not a secret that AI has taken over several functions and it’s slowly becoming a normal part of some operations. However, these benefits may also come with a share of risks if not well managed. In the future, companies will rise that’ll be managing AI systems to ensure their operations are efficient. 

These are examples of various areas this firm will likely manage:

  • Detailed documentation:  An AI system needs meticulous documentation and analysis since there’s a constant change of legal requirements and external needs that it must fulfill. Most of these tasks require an advanced platform which the organizations relying on AI may not have. Hence they’ll be a rise of firms offering systems to carry out all these actions.
  • Instilling trust: General perception of artificial systems has not been positive among the public. Many still prefer having human interaction as they’re considered to be relatable and understanding. This is mainly due to a lack of proper understanding of AI. Therefore, firms will rise to educate staff on AI functions, and then the staff will in turn pass the knowledge to clients.

Embedded data and analytics

This system works by analyzing data from various sections of business and presenting relevant data easily to those who need it. This is then used to make vital business decisions. 

So, it works by either creating a dashboard, web portal links or in-product service. Let’s take a quick look at how each of these functions works.

  1. Dashboard: This is a display of data as graphs or chats. The system will gather various data and display them in a way that they can be analyzed. For example, salesforce can see their sales and also track items listed for sales.
  1. Web Portal links: These are links that are provided in a report to allow for detailed or quick explanations of complex concepts.
  1. In-product services: These are things like payment options that allow a customer to finance items or initiatives and see the progress or impact of his contribution (it’ll be displayed like total for example when making donations or investments)

Several mobile apps have been developed around this concept. The most common are those for trading shares and accessing legal services.


To sum this up, technology is evolving at an alarming rate. The only way to understand tech is to look beyond the current state and into the future and see how today’s breakthroughs will shape various functions. Finally, make your decision around these trends to be a significant part of the future.

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